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Nov 28, 2003

The Civilization V Hall of Fame has been updated. 60 games were accepted since the previous update.

Congratulations to NiceOneEmlyn for the highest Firaxis score of the update with a King, Domination, Marathon, Duel, Lakes, England (Elizabeth) game for 8700 points.

Brainwave was the most active player during this update, submitting 7 games.

Only 6 players were brave enough to take on Deity this update
Brainwave - 1822 AD, Turn 281, 1641 points, Deity, Diplomacy, Standard, Standard, Archipelago, Venice (Enrico Dandolo) [BNW]
Cromagnus - 310 AD, Turn 194, 3296 points, Deity, Domination, Epic, Tiny, Highlands, Inca (Pachacuti) [BNW]
illusiondrmr - 1850 AD, Turn 295, 4847 points, Deity, Domination, Standard, Standard, Continents, America (Washington) [BNW]
kcd_swede - 1790 BC, Turn 171, 4154 points, Deity, Domination, Marathon, Tiny, Great Plains, Egypt (Ramesses II) [BNW]
Ossi - 480 AD, Turn 398, 3307 points, Deity, Culture, Marathon, Huge, Highlands, Shoshone (Pocatello) [BNW]
Vuthryx - 1055 AD, Turn 511, 617 points, Deity, Domination, Marathon, Huge, Archipelago, Venice (Enrico Dandolo) [BNW]

Gauntlet Results:
G-Major LI - Domination, Immortal, Large, Terra, Quick, America (Washington)
1st Manpanzee - 1080 AD T-114
2nd mycivs - 2048 AD T-328

G-Minor LXXXIII - Domination, King, Large, Lakes, Standard, Russia (Catherine)
1st TyfoonTurk - 200 BC T-107
2nd crocivfanatic - 620 AD T-141
3rd Halfdan Helgrim - 1370 AD T-197

** New Gauntlets Starting **
G-Major LII - Science, Deity, Huge, Pangaea, Standard, India (Gandhi)
G-Minor LXXXIV - Diplomacy, Prince, Standard, Rainforest, Standard, China (Wu Zetain)

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