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Nov 28, 2003
The Civilization IV Hall of Fame has been updated. 127 games were accepted since the previous update.

Congratulations to veryhard for the highest score of the update with a Small Settler Domination game for 569,033 points.

Airny was the most active player during this update, submitting 13 games.

Only 2 players were brave enough to take on Deity this update
cabert submitted a 700 BC Tiny Deity Religious game for 39102 points, a 225 BC Tiny Deity Religious game for 33387 points, and a 625 BC Tiny Deity Religious game for 32226 points
Sir Drake submitted a 1712 AD Tiny Deity Domination game for 265616 points​
Gauntlet Info:
G-Major 81 - Diplomatic, Immortal, Standard, Marathon on Archipelago with Victoria (Barbs on)
1st shulec 1290 AD
2nd bcool 1368 AD
3rd adrianj 1444 AD

G-Minor 103 - Conquest, Noble, Small, Quick on Pangaea with Gilgamesh (See settings for 7 required opponents)
1st The-Hawk 240 BC
2nd KingMorgan 440 AD
3rd Rockin_T 1745 AD

** New Gauntlets Starting **
G-Minor 104 - Domination, Chieftain, Standard, Normal on Lakes with China
G-Major 83 - Cultural, Emperor, Huge, Epic with Rome
A number of players gained number one positions:
shulec with a 1290 AD Standard Immortal Diplomatic game for 36311 points.
The-Hawk with a 1870 AD Large Immortal Domination game for 24945 points.

Kaitzilla with a 1360 AD Huge Emperor Domination game for 221400 points.

iggymnrr with a 1650 AD Standard Monarch Space Colony game for 147840 points.
merlin1039 with a 1495 AD Small Monarch Cultural game for 24615 points.

The-Hawk with a 240 BC Small Noble Conquest game for 92658 points.

Yardi with a 1765 AD Huge Warlord Conquest game for 34242 points.

Karl_t_great with a 800 AD Large Chieftain Diplomatic game for 35935 points.
Karl_t_great with a 650 AD Large Chieftain Diplomatic game for 32455 points.
Karl_t_great with a 1070 AD Large Chieftain Diplomatic game for 25308 points.
Karl_t_great with a 724 AD Large Chieftain Diplomatic game for 26984 points.
The-Hawk with a 50 AD Huge Chieftain Conquest game for 99266 points.

Dynamic with a 525 AD Duel Settler Space Colony game for 122274 points.
EGJ with a 890 AD Tiny Settler Cultural game for 17185 points.
Karl_t_great with a 475 AD Tiny Settler Diplomatic game for 26481 points.
Still 33 empty tables (1 domination down by the-hawk)
conquest 1
cultural 1
domination 4
religious 2
space colony 2
time 23

#1 place holders
1 babaBrian 180
2 Hindi 87
3 cabert 70
4 Misotu 69
5 WastinTime 68
6 shulec 44
7 The-Hawk 38
8 Mr. Bill 37
9 kovacsflo 35
10 EGJ 35
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