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Nov 28, 2003
The Civilization IV Hall of Fame has been updated. 159 games were accepted since the previous update.

Congratulations to The-Hawk for the highest score of the update with a Huge Emperor Conquest game for 1,871,812 points.

shulec was the most active player during this update, submitting 20 games.

Only 4 players were brave enough to take on Deity this update
Misotu submitted a 1335 AD Large Deity Diplomatic game for 45059 points and a 1375 AD Huge Deity Diplomatic game for 46109 points and a 1325 AD Huge Deity Diplomatic game for 51473 points
Shakes submitted a 1830 AD Tiny Deity Space Race game for 22796 points
and a 1835 AD Tiny Deity Cultural game for 20827 points
Sun Tzu Wu submitted a 320 AD Huge Deity Religious game for 32662 points
WastinTime submitted a 1752 AD Huge Deity Domination game for 64217 points​
Gauntlet Info:

G-Major 61 - Domination, Monarch, Large, Normal on Hemispheres with Holy Roman Empire
1st Salomo 1505 AD
2nd phanc 1760 AD
3rd Fluroscent 1808 AD

G-Minor 83 - Religious, Noble, Large, Normal on Ice Age
1st shulec 375 AD
2nd Shakes 520 AD
3rd DJMGator13 580 AD

** New Gauntlets Starting **
G-Minor 84 - Space Colony, Prince, Small, Quick on Fractal with Saladin
G-Major 63 - Cultural, Immortal, Standard, Epic on Archipelago

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