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hold "shift" during startup

Discussion in 'Civ4 - General Discussions' started by jag2k2, Nov 24, 2005.

  1. jag2k2

    jag2k2 Chieftain

    Mar 15, 2002
    What exactly does this mean? The patch readme says to do hold "shift" during startup to clear the cache. Does that mean to hold "shift" when you double click the shortcut? Does it mean to hold "shift" while the startup screen is on? I've tried different approaches but I don't see any indication that the cache has been cleared.
  2. jayeffaar

    jayeffaar Warlord

    Feb 5, 2005
    Montreal, Canada
    ...and a related question: holding the "shift" key is supposed to "clear the cache". Ok... what cache, and why is that a good thing?

    I understand the general concept of caching stuff, by the way, but a little context would have been useful, here.
  3. warpus

    warpus In pork I trust

    Aug 28, 2005
    Stamford Bridge
    the game probably stores a whole bunch of stuff in cache to reduce loading times. usually you store stuff in your cache that you think will be used at some point in the future - you keep it handy and close by because you think it will be accessed again in the near future.

    i'm guessing that the cache isn't being purged properly of information that shouldn't be in there.. meaning, that the more you play, the more clogged up your cache becomes, slowing down access times. clearing it just gives you a clean slate.
  4. snarko

    snarko DLLer

    Dec 9, 2003
    It's mainly for people who make mods. The cache will store things, then you change some of those things and the game won't load them because it loads the cache.
  5. Rayanth

    Rayanth Prince

    Sep 16, 2005
    the cache stores pre-compiled copies of the most commonly used files for the game (the XML's, mostly) -- since these are pre-compiled (by a previous startup), they load significantly faster. However, the game can't check a noncompiled copy versus a precompiled copy to see if they are the same.

    To get around this, the game simply always loads the precompiled cache files if they are present. This causes problems with patches and mods, since they often update files that are in the cache, and the game won't use the new copy. Hence holding Shift -- the game checks during its startup routine if the Shfit key is being held down. If it is, it erases the cache, and rebuilds it from the latest copies of the files... thus reloading changes made in patches or mods.

    Don't hold Shift while you're double-clicking the icon, rather, double-click, then hold Shift when you get the initial splash screen (BEFORE the loading progress bar)

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