Horrid Spider


Out of Cheese Error
Jan 7, 2003
I needed a break from complex units - having recently finished the Gigan pack and having several others in preparation - I was looking for a simple and quick project. Not 10 minutes later, I found this horrid (but great ;)) model by HGFreeInHell, released not two days ago.

Haha !

Not a really a spider, not really a meat ball (I certainly hope so!), the so called (by his creator) Spider Meat Ball reminds me of a cross between a full fledged spider and an acarian.

Comes in three sizes :

I don't know where it will find a home. A "The Thing" scenario ? A WH Chaos unit ? A preplaced barbarian in some caves in the Hollow Earth mod ? A particularly sadist modder could use a blank animation as default and use the paradrop as fortify, pushing the actual fortify and attacka to attacka and attackb. An unobservant player could be very surprised when his unit will walk in the wrong tile. :eek::mischief:

It was nice and easy to make. I'm not overly satisfied by the sounds I've made so I'm open to replacements.


Animations by Supa
model by HGFreeInHell

Thanks to 
Utahjazz for his setup!
Micaelus for his render script!
Steph for SBB!
Cyber Dreyk for Civ3FLC!
Moeniir for Flicster!
Reminds me of a spider crab! Another reason for your civilization not to abuse from seafood... :D
Eeeuuughh! I was actually creeped out by it! Good job making it so realistic, Supa.
This is pretty fun little chubby guy, mayhap he'll find a home as barbarian on an island dominated by a large ape.....
Ugly, little thing! Nice work Supa, and thanks for your constant, wonderful creations!
Cool critter... whatever it is... well, it certainly isn't a spider, as all spiders have 4 pairs of legs
Spiders may all have 8 legs, but not all arachnids do.

According to a lecture to the RGS by Challenger, Summerlee, et al Macroseius kongii - like many other Acarina - are larviform. They have only 3 pairs of legs in their adult stage. As published in the Societies and Academies news section of Nature v.86 they also reported that this "... unusually large and predatory mite appears to have evolved in carnivorous symbiosis with Adansonia yatevea".

There are a lot more arachnids than just Araneae (spiders). Supa's creation looks more acarine than araneid.

Some Acari (a sublclass of Arachnida including mites, ticks, etc.) have a differing number of legs. Abacarus hystrix, for example, has only 4 legs. Number of legs varies from species to species. It can also change as the organism goes through the various developmental stages. Larvae & adults of the same species need not have the same number of legs.

If you think that's weird check out Amblypygi - arachnids with a set of legs that look and act like antennae and antennae (pedipalps to be correct) that act like pinchers/claws. Show one to most people & they'd say - correctly - it has eight legs, but they wouldn't be counting the proper body parts.

One way to cope with the weird things under the bed & in the closet is to put them in jars & stare at them. Some of us become entomologists. Those most likely took their monsters out of the jar and pinned them to a piece of cardboard. Some of us just create scary things to bug others. We're the ones that tended to put two jars together & see who ate and who was eaten. Still got to know what to call them and how to tell them apart.
Ok i think i got it , thank you for the info BM . I probably misunderstood the part about subclass.
Just forgot that mites,ticks .etc. They are also in the same category of arachnids but different subclass.

time to call Exterminators ! especially for that Horrid Spider lool
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