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Hotseat Bugs


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Nov 10, 2003
Michigan, USA
:mad: Bugs found in Hotseat

1) Certain players were not getting reports from certain advisors. Examples
  • Player 1 not being alerted to war being declared on them. :eek:
  • Player 1 was never notified of a city being captured/razed. :(
  • Player 1 wasn't being notified of barbarian raids on their cities. :mad:

2) Certain players are not seeing battles with their units.

Note: I have checked the settings to see if any options affect this and they do not. It seems to only happen to Player 1. :confused:

Please write your bug the way it's shown in the Bug Reports Guideline thread, and include your gamesave and/or screenshot. Also read the changes to the game in the Comprehensive Survey thread in the main C3C forum.
I think it's because the way Hotseat works... Since the AI turn will be played after the last player, only he will see the war declarations and so.
It should work as in Heroes 4, when every hotseat player can replay the events that happened between his turn, but no... And I've read somewhere Firaxis had no intention of fixing this so... You must be careful when you're player one, and be sure to chek everything. I know, it sucks big time :)
Yeah, it sucks royally. Player 1 had a Right of Passage agreement with the Russians (who were Polite at the time) when the war started. Funny thing is that they went for only 1 city in the middle of all the rest :confused: And since Firaxis doesn't plan to fix this bug, I guess I'm going to keep having my friends be Player 1 :lol:
I've had a problem, not unlike this. I was playing with a friend and we tried to load the game. It loaded but replaced him (Babylon) with an AI player. So we loaded the last turn we saved, I (Mayans) was replaced.

We then loaded an Autosaved, same thing happened. He also said a single player game vanished on him.

My friend was play one, and he might not be seeing battles, he had a worker tackle a hut, and then barbs killed him, Then he sent a archer, and killed one, and the rest disapered. Another time it happened too, he had a swordsman out there and they ran off never to be seen again.
when i try to begin a hotseat game the game freezes when it says "assigning team colors" on the progress bar. I have yet to be able to play a hotseat game. I have returned that game and reinstalled everything time and time again. Has anyone else had this problem? or knows how to fix it?
Oddly, I have. For some reason or another, I can't get it to work on one of my computers. However, it works fine on the other. Haven't quite figured it out.

I've seen a few other threads with the same complaint. None have an answer either :confused: ....Though GameSpy doesn't work either on the computer that can't do hotseat.... :mad:
I can't change the default civ selections for human players in conquest scenarios.

Anyone else?
Originally posted by purvisxiii
I can't change the default civ selections for human players in conquest scenarios.

Anyone else?

That question should've been another topic, but you have to click the number boxes, not the combo boxes to change the players. (to the left of the playername)
Thanks, 'tess!

(In my defense, it WAS in hotseat and appeared to be a bug from my perspective, which is why I asked in this thread rather than noobishly starting a new one.)
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