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House rules for playing solo Hotseat Multiplayer

Discussion in 'Civ6 - General Discussions' started by vusalgustav, Apr 26, 2021.

  1. vusalgustav

    vusalgustav Chieftain

    Aug 31, 2006
    I decided to play a Hotseat Multiplayer game with 12 civilizations where all are controlled by me. In order to minimize the potential bias I need to set House Rules for the game. The following are some of them:
    1) No surprise wars.
    2) No Strategic Resource trade.
    3) Luxury Resource trade with only neighboring Civs with whom you have trade post.
    4) Till Atomic Era, only the neighboring City States can be Suzerained.
    5) Wonders are divided among the Civs beforehand.
    6) Every Civ can only have 1 Hero
    7) Great People cannot be purchased neither with gold nor Faith.

    What else do you think could be beneficial for this kind of game?

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  2. Casworon

    Casworon Prince

    Aug 9, 2014
    A mod which does something sorrta similar is the reincarnation mod.

    Here you only play for spaces of time and then you `die` and the AI takes control of your empire for a while until you are resurrected

    Their is also a karma system whereby if you go on a massive war rampage during your life and wipe out loads of cities. There is a chance that when you die you will instead resurrect as the leader of a different civilization.

    It gives a VERY different vibe to playing civilization normally and i would recommend giving it a try once or twice if you like playing in unusual ways such as hotseat with only yourself
  3. Vargas1

    Vargas1 Prince

    Sep 30, 2020
    Two suggestions to your existing rules to make them a little less restrictive:
    • Allow strategic trading only 1-1 and for other strategic of a comparable era. Horses-Iron, Niter-Coal, Uranium-Aluminum. Could limit it to neighbors with a trading post if you want like you’re doing for luxuries.
    • For GP purchasing, allow it but require it be “announced” a turn in advance. Then the next turn, any civ with a higher number of the relevant points gets the option of buying (if they can). That way you keep the mechanic of purchasing but don’t allow a complete gazzumping.
  4. vusalgustav

    vusalgustav Chieftain

    Aug 31, 2006
    By banning Strategic Resource trading I want to emulate the possible Resource Wars. The biggest problem in this kind of game, is determining when you can go to war and against which nation. Prerequisites need to be precise in order to avoid "I am bored, let's have some fight". Love the GP purchasing suggestion.
  5. Amrunril

    Amrunril Emperor

    Feb 7, 2015
    As someone who primarily plays the game as solo hotseat, my first advice would be to start small. Even on a standard size map, you're essentially playing eight games at once. This matters both in terms of time to complete a game and in terms of having to reacquaint yourself each turn with the strategy each civ is pursuing. Also, if you can get through games faster, you can better adapt your house rules to situations that you see causing problems rather than having to speculate about which ones might.

    Regarding your specific house rules:
    1.) I de-facto avoid surprise wars as well. This mostly only matters for preventing early captures of civilian units, though. Keeping a denunciation active on each civ you want the option of declaring war on isn't difficult.
    2.) I don't ban this absolutely, but my civs are much stingier about trading away strategics than the AI.
    3.) This sounds like a reasonable restriction, though I haven't tried it myself. I might consider an active trade route instead of a trading post.
    4.) I'm not sure of the reasoning behind this restriction. I think allowing each civ to pursue the city states best fitting its strategy of one of the strengths of solo hotseat. A neighboring city state allied to a rival is an inviting opportunity for conquest, though, so targeting distant CS is risk, even without specific limitations.
    5.) As with city states, I think allowing civs to focus on the wonders that best suit their strategy is one of the best features of solo hotseat. This also creates something of a self balancing mechanic, where pursuing the strongest most generally useful wonders is a bigger risk.
    6.) With heroes, I think there's an interesting trade off between waiting for a strong/synergistic hero vs. grabbing heroes as fast as you can in the hopes of getting more of them. Guaranteeing every civ exactly one removes this trade-off, while still leaving significant imbalance between civs with stronger vs. weaker heroes. I mostly play with 8 or 9 civs, though, so there's less risk of a civ missing out completely.
    7.) I think restricting GP purchases closes off a lot of interesting and valid strategies. The idea of "announcing" purchases makes sense if you feel this needs more explicit structure, though.

    In general, it seems like a lot of your rules are designed around preventing you from biasing yourself towards a particular civ or outcome. I don't think this is really possible through any set of formal rules, there are just too many small decisions adding up. You just need to do your best while recognizing that human brains being what they are, some level of bias is inevitable.

    A couple more points to consider:
    -Religious combat is almost always a mistake for one player, since fighting and losing is so much worse than sitting back and letting opposing units do their thing. I generally just accept that religious combat won't happen, but if you want it to play an important role, you'll need house rules to support it.
    -Similarly, you should consider whether you want to have any restrictions on declaring war to kill religious units.
    -Civs late in the turn order can gain a strategic advantage in the world congress if you're too good at remembering your previous votes. I often take a break midway through the vote to mitigate this at least somewhat. You could also consider the discussions that leaders could have about coordinating votes. The whole world congress system is a mess regardless of game-mode, though, so I don't have a great solution regarding how to handle it.
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  6. vusalgustav

    vusalgustav Chieftain

    Aug 31, 2006
    Thank you very much for your thorough answer.

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