How comes that climbing the tech tree is sooo0 incredibly fast ?


Oct 16, 2002
I am playing the demo at chieftain and warlord level but I achieve a tech tree step every 4-5-6 turns with a single city !

I am now plenty of knowledge and but I am still building since several turns my very first unit !

Is this intended ?

Science steps compared to the speed you can build stuff is 20X !

How do you deal with that ?

It's not fast, it's just not calibrated correctly.

If you remember, in civ4 the progression is:

VERY slow start, each tech gives a lot of benefits and takes a ton of time to get.
Then as it moves on to modern times techs come somewhat faster.
The result of this is that you have looooooong ancient eras and as tech progresses, eras go by faster.

In CIV5 the focus is on the late-mid eras and onwards, which are significantly longer.
The offshoot of this is that I tend to reach the medieval era around 500bc I think (can't recall).

If the research times of these early techs was longer, the game would be better balanced in terms of time.

But it's all rather moot because the only way to play is to rush factories in any case. and if you have no coal u lost.
Before that it's luck of the draw if you get a spot that has enough manufacturing to be able to produce military units in anything nearly resembling alacrity.

In short, build a few good defensive units, plop them in good places, and turtle until you have factories if possible.
Hasn't happened to me. Also I disagree with Lightzy's strategy.
Same here, everybody touches the medieval era around 500 B.C.

That's quite early , as you say I hope the patch will calibrate better the clock with events. I don't like to see tanks few hundreds years after the pyramids have been built...

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