[BNW] How do I activate a .lua file for my mod?


May 16, 2021
I thought this would be pretty simple, but after looking around I'm not really sure.

I've made a number of .xml changes in a mod I'm working on right now. However, I decided that I'd like to include the mods some others have made as well, but with some modifications to make them compatible with my mod. These mods I want to include use .sql and .lua files, and all I've done is change a few numbers and words in them, seeing as I don't really know .sql or .lua.

Modbuddy gave me the option to add to .sql files in the Action tab. I didn't find any such option for activating the .lua files, except on the Content tab, under Mapscripts. Is that how I'm supposed to add .lua files to my mod?
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