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How do I make Tundra uninhabitable for Marla's Map?


Jan 6, 2002
Where in the editor is the option to make Tundra uninhabitable? I don't want the dumb AI to build all of Siberia.

Edit the rules in your .bic. Under the Terrain tab change the food value of Tundra to 0. That should do it.
nah palehorse ... that dont work ... ive done that for desserts in my game. BUT .... if u make your tundra without food or irrigation food then the AI wont go as nuts as they do for tundra and dessert.. if u set the irrigation and mining bonus to zero u cant build irrigation or mines on those squares (and it makes the map look soooooooo much better!!! without lots of clutter in crappy lands) .... but yea ... teh AI seems to recognise the habitability of an area .... so they might put a city there for resorces or even statigical value ... but the AI seems to hold off the land grabbing so much for this useless land
I though, incorrectly maybe, that Tundra is un irragatable. If it is by default (able to irrigate that is) then of course turn that off also. ;) Are you saying that you need to get rid of mines also? I think that might be over kill.....If there is no food produced the the city shouldn't be built b/c it will starve itself out.
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