[BTS] How do missiles work?


Nov 10, 2011
I've found a lot of great info about the mechanics behind air combat, but I can't find anything that does a deep dive on missiles.

Do Guided Missiles just use the same damage formula as Air Strikes, aside from not having a max damage? Or is it something different? Do modifiers for the target ground unit get used when calculating damage, e.g. do Guided Missiles do less damage to a CGIII Infantry than an unpromoted one? Also, do the numbers give a reliable threshold? E.g. unit with modified Strength < x will always be one-shot.

What are the actual effects of a Tactical Nuke? Like I've used them, but I mean in terms of breaking down exactly what they do, how they do it, and what the chances are. Documentation says they're more likely to harm buildings than units, but what are the actual odds there? Do those odds change based on whether the TN targets a city vs targets an empty tile with a city in the blast radius? Speaking of the blast radius, is it equally effective throughout or is there a falloff? And how random is the damage dealt to units?

Are ICBMs the same as TNs but bigger and better, or is there a more substantial mechanical difference? (Obviously ICBMs can be launched from anywhere, they're stopped by SDI instead of interception - I mean mechanical differences in the effects of the explosion).

I've done some testing in WB but boy is that not scientific so I'm wondering if someone has the nitty-gritty formulas on hand.
Guided missiles here

Besides obviously strike range and loading onto ships, I think ICBMs and tactical nukes cause the same damage?
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