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how do you edit the rules?


Dec 5, 2001
Vancouver, WA
i know the basic mechanics but can't seem to get it to work. What i want to do is lower corruption effects by changing the optimum # of cities and adding reduce corruption to a couple of the city improvements.

i would like this to be my default rule set when i start "New Game" as opposed to starting a scenario. is that possible?

I have the latest patch with the corrected editor. i modified the rules and renamed it civ3mod.bic and saved it in the CivIII folder. when i tried to start a game, the program wouldn't let me, meaning when i clicked on the New Game button, nothing would happen. I then saved it in the scenario folder but when i try to launch it as a scenario i get the infamous 3.00 invalid scenario response. but then i tried to start a new game it let me this time. but i really have no way of knowing if my modifications are taking place until pretty late in the game. is there a way to tell?

can someone give me a step by step process on how to make this modification to the rules so i won't go crazy with the stupid corruption effects? which existing file needs to be modified to effect the changes for starting a "new game"?

thanks for your help.
you have the wrong version of the editor. the latest patch erroneously sent out a bad version of the editor and that is what is giving you the errors. get the updated one and try it again
thanks....but i'm pretty sure i have the right editor....i redownloaded the patch from civfanatics....the one that says it has the correct editor in it. i know from experience if you use the wrong editor the game won't run at all. i can at least start a New Game now....i just don't now....i just don't know if the changes i wanted to make are effective. rgds, will
im still running version 1.07 :D And everything is working fine for me....except it wont let me use and units_32 pictures from 77 and up :(
well, i figured it out....turns out i had two versions of 1.17f and i kept upgrading with the one that had the bad editor. once i figured that out, everything is working fine...and voila, away with corruption! rgds, will
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