[NFP] How does production overflow work exactly?


Jul 11, 2020
For example, if at turn 1 I have 20 leftover production but then build something that also results in an additional 20 overflow compared to the base city yield, at turn 2 how much overflow production do I have? 0? 20? 40? In other words, does the game calculated each turn's overflow separately or does it remove them altogether once a turn passes after having overflow production?

And does newly applied policy card also buff production from overflow?
As far as I know you get overflow from normal production. Any production from policy cards doesn't overflow at all. Not sure about the carry forward. I don't thinky you can. No guarantees. This is only from reading MP reports at realmsbeyond.
I believe the Is chopping overflow overcorrected? thread may provide the best discussion of this. If someone knows of more up-to-date discussion, please suggest.

The closest situation I have encountered in gameplay has been late-game industrial powerhouses that can produce anything short of spaceports and wonders in just one turn, but I have not tracked chained overflow in any specific case.
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