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How exactly do the armies work?


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Feb 13, 2002
I dont seem to be able to work it out! Once I create an army in a city i get the little bloke with the banner but how exactly do you load units into it? I dont seem to be able to do it right, they units with him can all move independantly and dont seem to give me any advantage because they dont seem to fight as a unit?
You're not stupid, it's not your fault, it's a poorly written manual in this respect. I and many others had exactly the same problem when we first started too.

When your leader is in a city, find the "build army" bubble at the bottom of the screen, click that. Then activate a unit (eg. a knight)in the same city. You will see an "load" bubble. Click that, and then the active knight will be loaded into the army. You can repeat that process for up to 3 units normally, or 4 units if you have the Pentagon (I think that's the right Wonder). Then your Army will function as a unit.

Good luck.
I have a problem creating armies with the military academy. I can't make them at all.

Do the units have to be in the city with the academy? Even if they are, I get no options for creating an army. What am I missing?
To DaSilva: No problems.

To Vandelay: I just checked my current game where I've just built the Military Academy. I think you're right, the Army can only be built in the same city as the Academy. After you build each Army unit, I presume you will have to "load" units into it the same way I described for DaSilva above. If I'm wrong about this, I'm certain some know-it-all will quickly correct me, so keep checking this thread.

By the way, are you the famous Art Vandelay - importer/exporter?
Is the army unit something you build (like tank or temple) in the city with military academy? If it is I missed it.

Thanks for your help.

BTW, I'm the judge from the last episode.
The Army appears as a unit you can build, but only in the city with the Mil. Academy. How can you miss it? The Army guy is waving a big colored flag....not that there's anything wrong with that...
You don't need to be in a city to load an Army, that can be done anywhere by pressing "L".
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