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How good players think differently from new players

Discussion in 'Civ5 - Strategy & Tips' started by klaskeren, Feb 5, 2015.

  1. Salvatierra

    Salvatierra Chieftain

    Nov 16, 2014
    I have experimented myself this changes in my way of thinking the more i play, in my last games, i realized how much i was loosing, thinking in the long term and playing long term strats, not long ago i was very picky with my city placement, trying to get all the resources in range, even when I knew in advance that they will never going to reach the 3dr hex radius ones, i was very obsessed with wonders, and now I realize that some early wonders, even the most ''glamorous'' ones they really take more than they give, for example:

    In the same time you build the Great library you can manage yourself to build 2 settlers, and get two new cities up and running, and that will give you more global benefits than going for the ol' GL - Philosophy - NC, yes, you will get the leadership on science for some time, but with the lack of basically everything else...

    Other thing that i'm doing now, that i wasn't doing before, is placing cities directly over luxuries, instead of having all of them in range and improve them later, MY GOD!! SO MUCH GOLD!!!. So for example in my current game i'm going with Assyria and my start was plenty of diamonds, instead of trying to grab all of them in the very long therm, i place my capital over one, and, i realize something important, you loose too much turns until you get a worker (staled or built by yourself) that you can make tons of gold for just placing your city in some luxury, when i got my settlers, as i was having a lack of workers (CS took years to build them and I didn't want to bother the other civs with war declarations that early), i do the same thing over other diamonds and some silver, literally swimming in cash.

    And for balancing parameters, i didn't bother too much on science in the beginning as I was doing before, I instead focus on expansion, getting a religion, building units and culture generation, and when i had mi little army of siege towers, i run after my dear neighbor Darius and say.

    Guess what mate? Your golden age has ended!!, and then I jump from last to first on science, so much books to steal!.
  2. CraigMak

    CraigMak The Borg

    Jul 24, 2013
    You should be improving luxuries, resources that provide extra hammers and mines in the early game. These extra hammers make a huge difference. You should also be expanding quite rapidly even with tradition. This means that you will need hammers to to churn out settlers, granaries, caravans, workers, libraries etc..

    Also, you will likely not have the happiness to grow massive and expand at the same time so production is better than farming in the early game.

    Once you get civil service then you want to farm up all your riverside tiles because of the increased +2 food yield. At this point in the game you should be able to build and trade your way out of unhappiness so growth is key.
  3. kb27787

    kb27787 Deity

    Aug 16, 2013
    ......... no that is a recipe for disaster... early food matters quite a lot too (otherwise do you want to be stuck on 3 pop forever? If you do exactly what you just said your cities will take 23 turns to grow from 3 to 4...)

    If you are playing below deity, disregard everything the OP said actually. Click food focus on all your cities, farm everything next to a freshwater source, get a hydro plant and you will still win easily.
    Just pick tradition, grow a massive capitol, and don't worry too much about early expansion; on immortal there's usually plenty of space left.
  4. KingKong76

    KingKong76 Warlord

    Jan 11, 2015
    I can still plead guilty on some of theese assumptions... But they are so true that its also fixing most of these things that made me pass from King to great empror to decent Immortal player in a ver short time frame.

    Ill work on the others...

    Great post!
  5. LordBalkoth

    LordBalkoth Prince

    Dec 7, 2014
    I'm not sure what you mean by "totally disconnected in the lobby system?" The host literally is back on the main menu, goes to multiplayer, hosts the last autosave, and everyone rejoins. Especially easy to do using friends list.
  6. CraigMak

    CraigMak The Borg

    Jul 24, 2013
    This takes some finesse. You want to work productive tiles but not to the point that you can't grow. Ideally 2 food 1 hammer tiles or stagger a 3 food with a 3 hammer tiles. Given the choice I will improve a 2 food 1 hammer tile to a 2F 2H tile as opposed to farming a 2F 1H tile into a 3F 1H Tile. Deer are amazing since they become 3F 2H.

    IMO sitting on 1 city is a disaster because you are costing yourself 6 - 8 extra food that could be coming from at least 2 caravans between them. As you gain access to more trade routes I feel that you should expand so that you have as many caravans as possible pointing to your capital.

    Also, Granaries and water mills are of great importance since they allow you to work productive tiles and still grow.

    Not until Civil Service do you focus on farming and growth.

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