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How I beat the game on deity difficulty ( hardcore way )

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Strategy & Tips' started by dlxshadow, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. dlxshadow

    dlxshadow Chieftain

    Jun 29, 2017
    Civilization 6 a great game--
    yet difficulty can be very frustrating sometimes in my personal exp , playing on prince is just so easy and it feels like AI is not even playing while playing on deity is very unbalanced AI instead of being smarter just is more aggressive and has tons of bonuses


    • Resource production:
      • AI gets +32% to Science, Culture and Faith, +80% to Production and Gold.
    • Combat and XP scaling:
      • AI receives +4 in combat, player gets nothing.
      • AI receives +40% to unit XP, player gets nothing.
    • Research boosts:
      • AI receives 4 free Tech and Civics boosts.
    • Starting units:
      • AI receives 3 Settlers, 5 Warriors and 2 Builders at the start of the game.
    • Barbarian camps award 30 gold when cleared.
    • (source www.pcgamesn.com)

    I have had tried many times to beat AI on so many times before but I usually rage quit or get bored , so what I did different this time ?

    I usually play Huge maps with quick speed but since I usually go for domination victory and Huge map crashes at late game for no good reason I tried large map

    speed: quick
    map : large
    map type : inlandsea
    other things : random

    so how did it go :

    I started as cyrus king of persia and I decided instead of having lots of non productive cities and districts I don't need for each and every city I only make important ones ( one mistake I always make is making every thing for every city .. ) , so I settled my first city after that I rushed towards making some warriors , when my first city hit 2 pop I made setteler for another city and just like that until I had 4 cities ( please pay attention where you put them it really is a big factor and a game changer ) and I put them all close together , not too close and not too far , all withing at least 6 tiles of each because of bonuses later , when you go for a domination victory you need 3 things , Army , Gold and amenities, so I need encampment and commecrical hob before anything else , but before that I need some troops to protect my cities from this point :
    1) I skipped exploration instead focused only on making some army strong enough to defeat barbarians and defend me against an AI attack then I placed my units in each city they were so balanced warriors and slingers together
    2) as for science I went for the ones that actually matter as soon as possible , encampment and then commercial hob I built these two first mean while I really rushed towards one wonder that is a game changing factor for a warmonger the colosseum I managed to make it faster than AI by letting builders chopping off woods and I bought builders with gold I saved until that moment so I made it and all my people were happy oh and lets not forget we are soon going to need -1 unit gold decrease
    3) I started making even more army since I was playing as Persian I made lots of immortals units with -1 gold policy and I got my trades to run between my cities and make me some gold ,
    4) now that I have the important districts I need and quite good army ( my ranking was 6 or 5 between 10 AI )
    I started improving cities by making buildings that are essential and I used my builders only to make houses and farms on flat lands and mines on hills for the whole game because it's really worth it other things that builders make are not good enough
    5)my cities became really productive so I started making even more army in this case lots of Anti cav and knights
    but why these two ? because knight can be upgraded to tank later and anti cav (spearman ) to AT crew which are effective against large number of units , ( tho are I realized at crew is not that good against armies even an army of them )
    6) I made lots of armies and corpses to lower the cost of my units , mostly armies
    7) I rushed towards making industrial zones and buildings of it
    8) I had lots of army ( 4th ranking among AI ) but I decided to not rush so I just improved my self and waited and waited for a long time and completely ignored joining any war , ( by the way send your envoys to some actually useful city state like I did , double exp when I join fights )
    9)by this time I have met my near rival , in this case it was funny to see alexander the great , who destroyed persian empire ... right near me , and he was really annoying all along he kept spying on my cities and even managed to pillaged my industrial zone , I was so frustrated , at this time there were plenty of land scape with no one in it so I started making 1 or two stellers for expanding ..
    10) I managed to get alexander friendship by giving him puny gifts so I allied with him and shared visibility I saw most of other civs not all of them liked me tho especially my northern neighbor the girl from greece (gorgo )
    still I managed to avoid all kinds of wars even tho I wanted to punch my monitor in face , I saw if I attack them now my army will die because they have lots of modern stuff , I had lots of gold by this time tho around 20k
    11) I unlocked tanks and At crew at last first with policy 50% discount I upgraded all my spear man to AT crew
    then I made a setteler to settel on ice just for the oil , but I didn't upgrade just yet because It would have been a waste to have tanks while my enemies have moderntanks and can crush my army , and mean time I was making lots of bip planes , first I unlocked bomber , then I went for power plant do make cities even more productive and then I went for moden tanks and AT crew , I upgraded most of my knights to moden tanks they were all in armies and bip planes to fighters ( only costs 65 so low :D :) ) then I started making lots of bombers after that I went for nuclear thing and then jet bombers and at last lasers and thermo nuke
    12) I was on merchant republic for almost all the game because of discounts ! I had like ~40% discount and 2 extra trade routs
    by this time I was ready to attack anyone but I decided to wait until I have nuke support , so I attack alexander first then he nuked one of my cities , it really pissed me off it was my major city ... so I captured and razed his cities while I had a strong airforce and lots of bombers and jet bombers this is really needed ! unlike me AI airforce was weak
    13) I was so anrgy that I launched nuke on alexander cities and removed him from game ( 1 capital )
    14) I started making even more planes
    15) suddenly gorgo and usa attack me they were near me tho , north and south , I had so much troops that I sent half of them north and half south mean while trajan was attacking america and he already had washington ! so even tho he was not my friend we captured USA together , meanwhile I destroyed gorgo and nukes really becamse useful I used some on gorgo for easy capturing , she had so many army helicopters tho
    16) trajan was so strong , ( funny my army was much more than AI but only a bit more than trajan he had so many victories tho , he already had killed his viking buddy ( 1 cap ) and usa ( 2 capitals ) and he was friends with japan who also had captured arabia captial , and was in war with tomyrious
    17) I started war with jadwiga just to make trajan stay away from me ( jadwiga was his neighbor so in a deal we both declared war on her ) then I thought omg what have I done if trajan captures her capital I will lose ( I didn't know you can recapture them from the force that captured them earlier ... )
    so with lots of money I bought a city near jadwiga captial from japan , then I nuked her capital and captured her with a chopper I just bought
    18) I went even further and destroyed her in game
    19) I suddenly declared war on japan , while I was winning the war suddenly game said tomeyoius is no longer looking for domination victory and she just gave away most of her empire in a deal to japan strange right ?
    20) I became frustrated because process of capturing cities took so long and there were so many cities left
    so I made lots and lots of themo and normal nukes , and I nuked almost all remaining cities of Japan

    at the END ) I removed japan from game mean while I nuked 3 cities of Arabia and removed him , Arab and Tomyrious had declared war on my so I killed her to , and at last it was time for my ultimate rival , trajan , we were in an alliance too ... his army was equal to mine and his navy much stronger , what did I do ? I abused the alliance and nuked all his cities and troops without declaring war ! I don't know if this is a bug or what but it just let me do that , then I killed him and won :) but seriously tho I would've win either way because I had so much airforce and nukes and lots of cities in all the map ... it took 310 long turns
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  2. MIS

    MIS Prince

    Dec 19, 2013
  3. stormerne

    stormerne is just a Retired Moderator

    Jan 16, 2001
    the United States
    Missed the richness of the game? ;)

    Seriously, well done. But now, beat it again without capturing (or razing) a single AI city or city state.
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  4. kb27787

    kb27787 Deity

    Aug 16, 2013
    Lol in BNW I beat 90% or so of deity games without a single war... In civ VI 90% of the games result in me taking at least one AI city... The AI are jackasses and I simply cannot help myself... Let's say I get an isolated start and somehow avoided early war... Midgame comes and they surprise DoW from friendly status just to steal my worker and pillage some districts... The resulting distraction forced me to respond and allowed another AI to beat me to a wonder I really needed... Now am I suppose to accept his surrender for the measly 10gpt he offered after 10 turns? God forbid... Now the other AIs get mad at me after I burnt his accursed empire to the ground... Well what was I to do? I needed open borders to win by my favorite peaceful CV but the denunciations made that impossible... You will undoubtedly understand why I simply plunged the whole world into chaos afterwards. It's almost automatic to me to go for field cannon tech then artillery tech every game... When I try to beeline internet some jerk always decides to make my life difficult.
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  5. jakedamus

    jakedamus Chieftain

    Aug 10, 2013
    That was awesome!
  6. Victoria

    Victoria Regina Supporter

    Apr 11, 2011
    War is so easy now it's become truly a farce.

    To win without taking a single city on deity is much more challenging.

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