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How Industrializations an impetus towards Democracy developments?

Discussion in 'World History' started by Lonecat Nekophrodite, May 21, 2020.

  1. Lonecat Nekophrodite

    Lonecat Nekophrodite King

    Jan 10, 2019
    As a Thai Citizen and quite an enthusiacs towards social movements since 2006 Coup d'Etat (And political rifts afterwards that see no clear endings, in the rifts two extremism emerges: Democratic Populism (the Reds, though some extremist like Republicanism ideology did come) and Fundamentalism) which there's no such strong and ongoing public unrests before (particularly since the 6th October Massacre in 1976 which it is said that strong Royalism began then). It became clear that today it became impossible to stomp out such dissidents than it was after 1992 Massacre, where not only the then Junta (Sujinda's faction) is gone, but also their enemies--Chartchai Chun-hawan-- was soundly defeated, his supporters in the House of Representatives did not gather enough voters in-house to restore his ousted positions after Chawalit Yongjaiyut was forced to resing his post after 1997 Economical Crisis, and forced to retire from politics and died of old age shortly afterwards.
    This might reflect that Chartchai didn't have strong public supporters while Shinawatra Family has, the other emerting trind is that the ongoing struggles between the so called 'Red Shirts' and the now-ruilng Elites did spawn Bangkok-based 'Progressive Bourgeon movements ' in recent years, these were made up of (some of) those who once disdainful of Redshirt movevemnts of previous decade (or once a Royalist that lost their faith after the passing of the late King), and youth movements (in universities and highschools) whom became Ghna Rasdr enthusiacs, and young businesspeople, NGOs, Sex Workers, and interestingly, the LGBT movements... These movements, led by Thanathon Jungrungruangkit and Piyabuth Sanengkanokkul, had formed their own faction and fully independent to the previous Reds (the two considered each other as 'allies' (or maybe rivaling friends) rather than part of each other , represented themselves with Orange colour. this new faction 'Asks for more'.. more than what the Redsearned from the Two Shinawatras and exepected that their Pheua Thai party will not just maintain such policies but to add more (heavily focused on SMEs developments).
    Sorry for long intro (and yet imcomplete because i only want to quote the ongoing political struggle in my homeland even with Covid-19 break).
    The reason of this as i've read some articles on the FB. is said to be related to the transition from Agrarian society towards Industrial society which Thailand began industrialization some 30 - 50 years ago, much of these are driven by Japanese Investers, such invesements (and the said 'attractiveness') however was lost since 2006 Coup and the ongoing political unrests, and the pacified Indochine became more invesememt attractive. This had led to the possible De-Industrializations of the country. Such phenomenon might happened elsewhere before.
    1. Did the Industrializations affected citizen minds to the point that they became more politically active and willing to protect and restore governments they've voted, and even defies whoever said foul things about their factions or parties they support? How Industrializations an impetus towards Democracy developments in some countries? even if some countries had Democratic Revolutions before, but agrarian society and 'uneducated' mindset forestalled such developments but is a fuel towards either fundamentalism or reactionary or other dictatorships that came afterwards
    2. Do you think that the Deindustrialization can also revert aforemented social dynamism? and what are examples that it could (or could not)
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  2. REDY

    REDY Duty Caller

    Aug 5, 2004
    What you wrote is more or less part of sociology, its under what is called modernization in English. I am generally critical to it. IMHO industrialization itself does not made democracy development. Communists and fascists put lot of their effort on industrialisation, modernism and so on but the voice of individual was muted. I see more industrialization as catalyst than tool to change society and politics. There will be always ignorant people, doesnt matter if it will be farmers(agriculture), workers(industries) or sellers(services), what matter is education and tolerance. With more society dynamics coming also bigger governments and better propaganda tools. But again, just IMHO, my area was industrious from 19th century.

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