how many citys are good till 1700AD


Sep 18, 2001
One question: How many citys are a must to have or what would be a good number of citys to have?? when playing on on of the to eseaiest levels and on the normal standard map.

may be we say till 1700AD

asking because my advisors allways told me to build mor citys, i had 6 till 1700 not a good number......

On the easiest level, standard size map, I say about 30 cities is good at 1700 A. D. If there is no land, capture some enemy cities until you have about 30.

In generally, the advisor is useless. However, in this case the advice to build more cities, if you only have six is sound. Six is a good number of cities for 700 B. C. Experiment with your early build out and see if you can achieve six cities, 15 military units, Iron Working and Horseback Riding by around 700 B.C. Then you'll be ready for Monarch level :)

There are plenty of tips in the Strategy Articles section and elsewhere. For novice players, I suggest building your first two cities very close to the capital, with a build queue of three warriors then a setter, three more warriors then another settler.
OK, Mapache will make your advisor;)

15 cities are enough to win on the lower levels on a standard map.
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