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how many turns does one alliance last?


Oct 15, 2003
The Dream
How many turns does an alliance last? If you drug some other AI in one of your wars, then you better be in a mood for a very long war, or hope that the other AI will at some point sign peace, because if you want to stop being at war then you will suffer a hit in reputation if you sign peace while your ally still is in war.
But this can lead to ludicrous war times, and i doubt that it lasts just for 20 turns. Sometimes it seems as if the game has forgotten that i have signed someone to go to war, and my war lasts for over 100 years, not because i have something to gain from it, but because the pathetic AI ally doesnt want to end our deal...

Is there any way around this, and anyone know how many turns deals of alliance last?
deals last 20 turns then you can make peace with no problemo
if you are at war for the 20 turns that the deal cant be broken, then it doesnt matter when you sign peace. But i make sure tha5t i cancel any deals with alliances with them before i sign peace
varwnos said:
Is there any way around this, and anyone know how many turns deals of alliance last?

sounds to me like you need to check the diplomacy screen. when you get near what you think might be 20 turns go talk to the guy you have an alliance with and check the active deals section to see how many turns you have left of the alliance. if it has a number like (6) then you are obligated to continue the alliance. if the number is gone then you can cancel the alliance by making peace. as far as i can remember you never actually get a pop-up box or anything to clue you in.
You can check in Preferences always Renegotiate Deals. It apllies for all deals : Military alliance, MPP but also trade luxuries, GPT deals...
If checked, then at the end of 20 turns you get a pop up to renegotiate or cancel a deal.

Caution if unchecked, a deal such as you give 10gpt for a tech could last forever...
A deal such as that (gpt for tech) will automatically end after 20 turns, with no pop-up. The same goes for one-sided resource or luxury deals, except that you'll get notification that you have lost your source if you were on the receiving end. The only deals that continue indefinitely are those in which both sides offer something on a per-turn basis: gpt, resources ot luxuries, or diplomatic agreements.
Note with military Alliances, & Military Alliances ONLY, If you make a military alliance against an opponet & sign peace b4 20 turns is up, your reputation will be severly damaged. This does not apply w/ MPP's however, although you more likey than not will be forced to declare war again whihc will damage ur rep, although not as much as declaring w/o a MPP
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