How many units needed to stop flip-back under V1.17f?

Captain Sexual

Jan 14, 2002
Apparently the latest patch allows you to completely surpress the chance of a city culture flipping back by stationing military units in the city - any idea how many units you need? I've taken Athens in my current game, stationed 15 units in it and it still goes back to the Greeks.
Maybe 150?!? :p

If you have 15 units in a city of any size and it still flips the Culture Flipping problem was not fixed.

I had a town of 5 flip with nine veteran and elite units in it. Idiotic.

In fact, it is so stupid, here is what you do: go to AutoSave, go back a few turns, and change some things, such as more happy citizens, or, just pull out the garrison to just outside the town/city and then raze it if it still flips.

Culture Flipping is nonsense and I fee free to do whatever I can to defeat it.
Yeah well I guess I am looking ahead to multiplayer, as the thing that really excites me about Civ is playing against my mates - so I don't want to get in the habit of reloading. I take your point though.
Although I did not see it myself, I heard that Soren has said that if you have 2xpop military units in a city it "might" prevent a flip.


So, it remains a mystery. That gobbledeegook otherwise known as the patch "readme" is so misleading I am prepared to believe that Soren & crew intentionally use it for comic relief.

"Lets put a cryptic statement in here that can be interpreted sixty six ways and watch the geeks go nuts guys", winks Soren.

"Yeah, all right!...", replies the (motley) Crew.

I am not saying that they intentionally released the wrong editor with the patch...but still?

Anyway, while the question of how many units is enough remains unanswered, I have been pondering an even deeper mystery. Why does Firaxis give us just enough info to frustrate and agravate us? Why not give us the formulas for all the stuff. BR did for SMAC.
The 2xpop was 2 times the foreign pop of a city. So, if you seize a size 20 city, you need 40 units garissoned.
BUT, I remember reading somewhere that it only works when the city tiles are freed from the former civ's cultural influence.

Originally posted by Zouave
In fact, it is so stupid, here is what you do: go to AutoSave, go back a few turns, and change some things, such as more happy citizens,

Great idea. That way you can learn which strategies work in preventing the flip, so you don't have to "cheat" next time.

I have done that on games I have abandoned as losses. Now I almost never suffer a flip. When I do, I usually expect it, so I can be prepared. In other words, flipping is a playable game feature.
Also there's more chance when the cities in civil disorder.
I usually starve the population out and then rebuild, usually after the enemy civ is wiped out.
Make all the citizens taxmen(entertainers aren't any help), and watch the city starve. After one pop loss, the people will start working again. Starve more.
Thats the only way in which i can prevent flipping.
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