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How to add new assets, step by step

Unfortunately i‘m still running into a wall all the time. The warrior don‘t want to animate ingame. I have to give it up for now. But hope never dies…
And finally my Test Warrior animates perfectly ingame :)

Hope you all can see it on my little screenshot.

Congratulations, and so glad your hard work paid off! So what was the missing piece of the puzzle to get it working?
Thanks! Now the fun can begin :)

It may were my changes to the skeleton, i removed the TSM3 World Joint bone (the actual root bone) from it, so that the actual children of that root bone is the new root bone.

By doing this way, the hierarchy of the skeleton matches with the hierarchy in the Warrior Avatar (Warrior Rig 03 Avatar). Or may it was that i decided to create a new blank Prefab in Unity and make the changes by hand instead of drag and drop the .blend file onto the Prefab. Or… the combination of both was the missing piece of the puzzle.

I want to say thank you to the devs, for providing the ModUnit framework, without it would still not be possible. You guys are amazing! And also thanks to Deliverator, for his guide and for showing that it‘s possible.

Anyways, here is a short guide of what i did, if people woud like to see a step by step guide, then please let me know. :)

  1. Import and necessary Changes in Blender (look into Deliverator‘s Guide what to do)

  1. Unity import the .blend file (drag&drop)
  2. Create a new blank Prefab
  3. In the Prefab add a SkinnedMeshRenderer component
  4. Also add a Animator component to the Prefab
  5. In the SkinnedMeshRenderer component only set the „Mesh“ to the _geo mesh which is inside the .blend file (click on the blend file to view all of the content inside)
  6. Add the material with the textures. (Warrior_Base)
  7. In the Animator component only set the „Avatar“ to the Avatar from the Game, so for the Warrior it‘s the „Warrior Rig 03 Avatar“
  8. Assign everything to a bundle (testwarrior for instance)
  9. Asset Bundle Browser export everything to your mod‘s Assets folder.

  1. Just make the .xml editings (modunit.xml, formation-add.xml, asset-add.xml, unit change or add xml) (look into the modunit guide by the devs)

Test the model of your edited unit ingame.
I decided to write a detailed step by step guide. So this is how you can implement new 3D Models of units to Old World. Happy modding :)


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Now that 3D Unit modding is finally possible, i would like to cautiously ask the devs two little things:

1. Cultural / Ethnic Diversity for Units is not possible as of today. A Swordsman from Greece looks the same as a Swordsman from Assyria, same with all other units. Maybe the devs can implement the necessary functionality for Unit Diversity at some point in the future?

2. The same, but for Urban Improvements. Building Diversity. Maybe the necessary functionality can be added at some point in the future?

I just wanted to ask that, but before i start to spend my evenings with creating the assets for units and urban improvements.

Maybe i get a response on what the devs think about that :)
Now that 3D Unit modding is finally possible, i would like to cautiously ask the devs two little things:
We have every reason to be hopeful. Iirc, something was said along the lines of... (*scrolls through the thread during a throw-in important zoom meeting) ... Whew, almost two years to the day!

If graphics modding gets under way, I'd be happy to add support for nation-specific unit graphics into the game.
Hells to the YES!
Omg omg Old World Super Fans assemble!! This could literally be the

Spoiler Best. Summer. Ever~!!! :
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I'm glad @Solver said it and not me. :p
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