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How to beat the Spanish Inquisition?

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Strategy & Tips' started by Accidental Warmonger, Dec 12, 2017.

  1. Accidental Warmonger

    Accidental Warmonger Chieftain

    Dec 10, 2017
    [Note: This is pre-Fall 2017 update since I am on a Mac and we have not gotten that update yet, but I don't think that would actually change this much for the better. Let me know if I am wrong.]

    I recently played a Civ VI game as Australia with 3 opponents. One was Spain. For a while it was looking like I could eke out an early victory on religion (read: before someone colonized Mars, which seems to happen so early every game), as I had converted 2 of the other 3 civs to Crustaceanism. Just Spain remained. But soon after I started spreading religion to Spain's cities — you guessed it — the Spanish Inquisition happened. I saved up a bunch of missionaries and apostles, many with a low number of spreads left (as I anticipated bloodshed), but the result was a pointless, indeed counter-productive, slaughter. My horde was quickly slain and Spanish cities were left completely Catholic. Even Apostles were getting brutally crushed in Spanish territory. Those enemy Inquisitors had every power-up known to man, and the resulting strength imbalance was unreal! Plus, Inquisitors are cheap. Spain can churn them out more quickly than I could ever amass missionaries and apostles.

    Now honestly this seems completely bonkers to me. It seems virtually impossible to get a pure religious victory against an enemy who has triggered an Inquisition (especially Spain). With just one Inquisitor in each city, you can swallow or slay hordes of missionaries and apostles. The Apostle promotion to eliminate most of other religion's pressures is too rare and too weak to beat an Inquisition.

    I ended up having to wage a real war on Spain to force it to convert, which feels like cheating. It's certainly unsatisfying, since I had to rely on nuking and rolling over (with tanks) Spanish religious units to vanquish them. Morally this was troubling, as Crustaceanism holds that only the Crab in the Sky may crush disbelievers with his Cancerous claw. We followers are bound to pacifism.

    And apparently the Fall Update would remove even this option, as religious units move to their own… what do they call it? Plane? Layer? and are presumably no longer freely muder-able by land combat units.

    Historically speaking… you don’t really get to win against the Spanish Inquisition.

    But this is a game.

    Is there a good strategy that I am missing?

    Does the Fall 2017 actually make it more possible to win against Spain for a Religious victory?
  2. Victoria

    Victoria Regina Supporter

    Apr 11, 2011
    Sadly pressure is not strong enough to be of value as AI stated before. It is a huge failing of RV that they have downgraded pressure once again relying on brute strength.

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