How to change distribution of bonuses?


Mar 20, 2008
Hello, i really like the RoM mod, but it is quite ressource intensive so i tend to play on smaller maps.

The problem with this is that RoM increases the number of bonuses, so on smaller maps you hardly ever have anything to trade, neither does the AI.

Now i see two ways out of this:
Number one would be to make each bonus on the map give multiple ressources (like 2 or 3)

Number two would be to make the bonuses appear more densely on the map, so you get like 3 stone next to each other, or 2 fishes, ...

I don't know how difficult either of these is...

I usually use the map script, but i have seen nothing about distributing bonuses in this file.
Some mapscripts do have same resources near each other in starting locations. This is usually negligible on larger maps (what RoM is designed around), but when you are up against a computer resource limit, it can take away fun.

I think that resource distribution code is in the Bonus XML (in the Terrain folder). I think it was put there so that in BtS, there would be vast fields of Dye in Jungles, but I have not modded much with non-manufactured bonuses.
i have searched around a little, and i suspect the fields "iGroupRange" and "iGroupRand" are the right ones to change, but i couldn't find any documentation about this. anyone have any pointers?
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