How to contact civs on large maps...


Evil Norse Wolf
Nov 17, 2001
Naperville, IL
I know of two ways to initiate a conversation with another civ - either click on one of their units when they are within your visual range, or else go to your foreign advisor and click on their portrait. But if there are more than 7 rival civs, only certain ones appear in those circles on the advisor menu, and they aren't necessarily even the ones you've talked to. Is there any way to contact the civs that didn't make that page for whatever reason? I keep looking for a second page in the advisor's menu, but can't find one. I know you can click on a unit, but if there are none around then you're screwed. There has to be a better way.
Ah, you bring comfort to my tortured soul. Now I can get that mutual protection pact I've been hankering for.
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