[BTS] How to disable Build Research?

Conqueror Worm

Jan 22, 2006
Build Research becomes available with Alphabet. I would like to disable Build Research, but I don't see how to do that in the Technologies XML file. Could anyone please advise? Thanks!

Also, a question that is entirely different, but one that I've always wondered about: I know that the AI whips units when it's cities are under direct attack, but I don't suppose the AI ever whips buildings at any time, or does it?
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I don't think that is correct: "CommerceFlexible" refers to the ability to adjust the science/culture/espionage slider.

The ability to "build" research etc. is called a "process" in the game's code. You can edit the available "builds" in XML/GameInfo/CIV4ProcessInfo.xml. If you want to remove the ability to build research entirely, it should be sufficient to delete the block containing "<Type>PROCESS_RESEARCH</Type>".
Oh, thanks for that, Leoreth!
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