How to extend the game's length?


Jan 30, 2002
I apologize if this has been asked before. When you're playing the game, the AI decides when it is time for the game to end (the year 2050.) Often I don't want the game to be over so soon. Is there any way to extend its length, perhaps with the editor? I know of the "Ok, but let me play a few more turns" option, but I want to prevent the AI from forcing the game to end. Thanks.
Actually the game doesn't end unless you select it to. Of course if you continue you can still play but there is no score tallied. Unfortunately you cannot get around this.
There's a utility created by hwinkels that allows the player to extend the length of the game, while still in regulation, beyond 2050. It's called the "New Sav Game Editor" and can be found at's creation forum. The utility will also allow you to switch sides if you wish.

Hwinkels has stated that he might make this utility available for download at civfanatics this weekend. So if you're willing to wait a day or two, you might be able to find this utility here.

Hope this info helps
Originally posted by Minuteman
...It's called the "New Sav Game Editor" and can be found at's creation forum.

That's exactly what I was looking for. Thank you, Minuteman.
Actually, the game seems LONG enough!!

And what is the length between turns by the time you get to 2050?? Half an hour, or more?

is the home page for on of the cheats for the game. It lets you reset the game year to 4000bc. IF you truly want a longer you could just reset the year.

Me? Last game I got bored in the 1600's and built my space ship to end the game. AI needs help.......
I just uploaded my saved game editor in the Creation forum under Utility Programs. Actually, it's called the "TCG Editor" (which stands for "That Civ Game" - long story, don't ask) and it will indeed let you change the retirement year. Enjoy.
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