How to make other Civs friendly toward me?


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Sep 7, 2007
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I know that gifting advances generally make rival civ nations friendly toward my own civ, but after "talks" the rival civs are still unfriendly or even hostile!
I have peace in most instances (@!#$ senate, lol) but would like to make allies somehow. Or if not make do I get the demand for tribute question back into my trade talks list?

-I have been lurking in these forums for some time but have never posted, been playing Civ II for as long as I can remember, even win occasionally on diety level, but I have never figured this out. Now that I am attempting to complete a GoTM I thought I might ask. Could someone please help? TIA :)
How to make other civs friendly: If you are playing the multi-player gold edition, you cannot make other civs friendly. In that version of the game, the AI is inveterately hostile after about 1AD. Even in classic civ, it is my understanding that once your power is Supreme, the other civs tend to turn on you. The solution here is that you should get whatever you need from the other civs right after giving them most/all or your techs because they will hate you by your next turn. Once the other civ is Worshipful, they will generally agree to an alliance, which you can request in the "Have a proposal to make" menu.

How to get Demand Tribute on menu: You say you have a Senate. That means you are in Republic or Democracy. Those governments cannot demand tribute. Change to Monarchy, Commie or Fundy, although the ability to ask for tribute hardly matches the power of representative government.
How To Make Other Civs Friendly:
- Play Classic v2.4.2 CivII (MGE & ToT are hard-coded for greater hostility)
- Gift techs, maps, and gold whenever an AI Attitude drops below Cordial
- Do not back-stab/suprise-attack any AI civ
- Use a "representative" government
- Keep your units out of the "resource footprint" of AI cities
- Don't be the first to develop trigger war techs like Gunpowder or Mobile Warfare
- Keep your empire small, so your power rating is Moderate or below

Alliances are not accepted if you have a much greater power rating than the other civ, or if the other civ is less than Enthusiastic. Having MarcoPolo or the UN helps a bit, or having an Embassy. If you had a war with them in the past it makes an alliance less likely too. If your goal in getting an alliance is to ask for tech or gold, realize that you must be lower in power rating for that to work.
In civ II you cant get other nations to veiw you with a friendly veiw past the first turn of contact. You can intimidate them by building a nuclear missle and by making sure no one else develops the fission tech before you get your spaceship going. Also have a few missles put onto subs and those out to see roaming just in case. Even if you have the United Nations built AI's have a very annoying habit of attacking on of your trade ships or caravans. Also build SDI's at earliest opportunity if another nation is anywhere close to nuke tech. AI's cannot be trusted to be peaceful under any circumstances.
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