How to Make Snow Cities Work?


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Apr 3, 2005
Unfortunately, you can't rely on CS's getting advanced resources as they may not even be able to build an oil well, or just.... at all. So without a builder of your own, it's not really a thing. Normally I would tell people to settle on the oil but that was not possible here obviously. Being able to buy a harbor will help, which you did.

Normally I would just settle directly on the north oil and buy out the southern oil. Buy a granary and eventually you have a 8 production city but since that sounds really boring...

All, and all, yes run trade routes, especially with Democracy or the Diplomatic cards that give you food and production with allied trrade routes. Otherwise, it's just not a good use of resources unless you want to use it as some kind off staging ground for some invasion in which case buying a encampment and then setting more cities in the region can work. But it's not very exciting. Note that in closer quarters buying a entertainment complex will be needed just to keep cities.

Another factor is if you can buy any tundra tiles in range (only viable as Canada) so you can cut out something. But ideally you'd want to settle tundra cities. At the very least you can spam trees for parks.
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