How to play Civ2 Classic on 64-bit Windows


Oct 4, 2016
For anyone interested in playing Civ2 Classic v2.42 on 64-bit Windows 7/8/10 (11 to, I guess);

Don’t want to install Windows 3.x in DosBox to get the game up and running? Here’s another way to do it:

After installing this program, run otvdm.exe and point to the Civ2 installer. Install the game. When the installation is finished run otvdm.exe again and open civ2.exe. That’s all.

I’ve tried the program on Windows 10 and it worked perfectly.
ahh yes, also known as winevdm. I was recently introduced to this for getting Civilization 1 for Windows and Colonization for Windows working on 64bit OS's and was thrilled to see it worked. Was able to try some other old 16bit windows games like Outpost and Heroes of Might & Magic 1 and sure enough they worked too. Haven't tried classic pre-MGE versions of Civ2 but figured it would work!

My ongoing big Civilization HD video series where in the main episodes I tell people how to play these classic games in HD I had all this stuff about getting a Windows XP Virtual Box VM working and no idea this existed when I filmed them lol. Am going to have to do bonus episodes telling people about winevdm to fix that problem. Fortunately I have not released my Civ2 HD episode yet so I can at least fix that one and mention all this before it's release!

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