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Jan 9, 2002
Stockholm, Sweden
This zip contains two pictures, "resources.pcx" and "EXTRA resources.pcx". You need a decent art program like Paintshop Pro (which is excellent, and free for eval. at to view 'Zsoft Paintshop' files.

The pictures are icon charts for resources. You can cut-and-paste them into your personal resources.pcx file. That file is found in your CivilizationIII/Art folder. You can also just replace your old resources.pcx with the one in this zip, but cattle will get a different icon if you do. The old icon for cattle is in "EXTRA resources.pcx" and I've also included the original file that comes with the game in case anyone screws up. I think the new cattle icon is better; the old one looks like a bird with its head at the ground picking a seed... or so I think.

So, extract the files into a folder and lets open resources.pcx. The icons here are diverse and used for different resources, unlike the other file which is just a cut-and-paste collection not intended to be used on its own.

Gold -- Icon 21 -- is the last standard resource. My reworked chart of all resources are included in the zip. It's a tab-deliniated table that can't be displayed without a monospace font.

Below potatoes is a 'resource' I personally use called Ruins which gives 1 commerce from tourism. I have it set to strategic so I can control its appearance ratio, but of course it doesn't have any applications the way real strategic luxuries do.
Oat replaces wheat in Plains, or so I use it.
Calamari = squid, octopus.
Beer and Whisky aren't very 'natural' resources; they represent barley (beer) and rye (whisky), which would be farfetched to use as resources because the player would just confuse them with Wheat and Oat.
Tungsten (or Wolfram) is used to, among other things, light up a light bulb. It's 50% more massive than led and is frequently mentioned in science fiction as a component for advanced robots. I'm using it for some of my futuristic units.
The seven types of fruit are there for the variety. I have them giving the same limited food bonus, except for lemon which is almost inedible but gives commerce bonus as a form of spice. Bonus resources are distributed evenly among the different types.
Seaweed is meant to be used in the late stage of the game as an unused source of food. Personally I'm planning to tie a special building to this resource which allows each water tile in that city to produce an extra food.


Do you have Civ3MultiTool? If not, get it here:

In the CopyTool, select your bic (civ3mod.bic).

Choose to add as many resources as you want. Don't add too many! You can add more later, but you can't delete resources that are left over.

Doubleclick on civ3mod.bic in your CivilizationIII root directory and you're in the editor. Press CTRL+R. Select the "Natural Resources" tab. Scroll down the list until you get to gold -- now you'll see a bunch of entries named identically. These are the blank slates you'll use for your new resources. (Actually they're not blank, they're copies of the item you chose in Grampho's program).

1) Set the appropriate icon. You can do like I often do, click in the box with the numbers and use the up and down arrow to scroll through the icons, or double-click and type in the number you want.

2) Click the "Rename" button and name your resource.
2b) Optionally, enter a link to an entry in the civilopedia. There's a great guide to modding the 'pedia here:

3) If you choose a prerequisite, your resource will be hidden until that tech has been researched.

4) By default, appearance ratio is only used with Strategic R., though I like to use it with Luxury R. in some cases. Beer and Whisky (see below) will be required to build a Brewery and Distillery in my future update to my mod.

With 16 players an appearance ratio of 160 will give each player one instance of this resource, meaning it will be placed in relative vicinity of them. If they succeed in claiming it is another matter. Naturally the more strategic resources you have the more cluttered the map will be -- that's why you might want to rescale the ratios for all Strategic luxuries so the player won't get a headache.

Original Appearance Ratios:
160 Horses & Iron
120 Saltpeter, Coal, Oil, Rubber & Aluminium
100 Uranium

Horses are very important for any civilization because the best units - horsemen, knight, cavalry - dominate 2 1/2 ages. If this value is too low, you'll likely see more wars since the Horse-owners will be far superior to those lacking steeds. I'm keeping it at 160.
I'm giving Iron a setting of 120.
Category II goes from 120 to 80 in my book, and uranium goes down to 60. Civs won't be allowed to sit on their ass now, hehe. So if I did my math correct we went from 1020 to 740 total points. That gives me 280 points to distribute on my three new strategic resources. I gave:
Copper 140
Timber 100
Tungsten 40

Since bonus resources can't be requirements for anything (in the newer patches), I have set Seaweed (ap:40) and Ruins (ap:20) to be strategic resources; the first lets the city build a building increasing food from water, the second lets it build a culture-generating museum.


I suggest you tick these options instead of the defaults
on the "Terrain" tab to get a nice spread of resources.

Desert Saltpeter, oil, incense ** oasis, bloom.
Plains Horses, ivory, cattle ** tobacco, sugar, oat, orange, lemon.
Grassland Horses, wheat ** cotton, wool, beer, potato, apple, pear, ruins.
Tundra Oil, furs, game ** walrus.
Flood plain Wheat ** whisky, melon.
Hills Coal, aluminium, wines ** jade, coffee, tea, ruins.
Mountains Iron, uranium, gems, gold ** copper, tungsten, mineral.
Forest Furs, dyes, silks, game ** timber, cherry, strawberry.
Jungle Rubber, dyes, spices, gems ** banana, tea.

Coast Fish, salt, seaweed
Sea Whales, school, calamari, pearls
Ocean Dolphin

EXTRA Resources.pcx

The icons are of:
tobacco, weird fruit, tobacco again, two weird fruits, weed (as in drugs),
Easter Island Heads from CtP2, Uranium I think, Tomato, Oasis, Fruit, Banana.

Next come resources with increased visibility, that someone else made.

Then comes horse, oil, uranium, deer, "Original civ3 cattle" and gold.


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of the resource icons in the zip.


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I have heard, though I've never tested it myself, that no more than two additional resource graphics will show on the map. Is there a way around that limitation?
Originally posted by Switch625
I have heard, though I've never tested it myself, that no more than two additional resource graphics will show on the map. Is there a way around that limitation?

There is no way around because it is a complete and utter lie :D

Actually this guy called Willem on Apolyton couldn't get it to work - maybe we're thinking of the same guy here - but I think he screwed up because it works excellent for me. There are limitations and the editor will tell you so -- like 125 unit icons and 80-something resources.

Image here ->

1. Calamari (squid) are ripe for harvest in the seas.
2. Melon joins wheat on flood plain tiles.
3. Brittain would wish for this colony; plenty of fish in the seas ('school' resource) to go with their chips; tea in the southern jungle and bananas for export to the north.
4. Plains get a profile. Oranges give a food and trade bonus, Cattle (below hut) looks better, and Oat (center right) takes the place of Wheat. To the upper left is Desert Bloom.
5. Timber is needed to build rennaisance ships (if u want, that is), valuable pearls can be dived for, and to the bottom right we see half of the grassland Apple resource.
It's not about screwing up the resources.pcx

The game IS limited to 24 resources.

If it works with you, then you are lucky, and you probably tweaked something without even knowing it :)
the game crashes when i use non standard icons for resources and when i shuffle starting locations.. if i start it without changing civ starting locations, then its ok, but if i do, it crashes....why? :(
Has anyone looked at the Art\City Screen\luxuryicons_small.pcx file yet? This MAY beone of the reasons why resources are failing, however i rather doubt it :p
I created a mod with several new resources. If I select an icon uner #24 for each, they show on the map. Save the game, select the icons I want, reload, and the resources do NOT appear, although a right-click of the terrain WILL list the resource. One of the 'new' resources used icon #23, it worked ok both times.

The Civ3Edit shows all the resources ok when you generate a new map, but the game doesn't.

Has anyone ever played with resource-shadows file? Could this be part of the problem? Whenever I expand it, the game just crashes.

BTW- GIDustin- your quote is an urban legend- check ;)
I know it is a legend, but it is funny nonetheless
So Razorwing, when you play the game the resources show up?

I'd like to know what you did to make that work. what version of the editor and what version of civ3 are you running?
I think I know why this is working, beforehand, I would just hit the 'a' key to add a resource, but what that does is make the "Civilopedia Entry' blank, and I believe that maybe it needs to have a Civilopedia Entry, so that it shows up on the map within the actual game.

trying it now

Does this work with the new patch, 1.21? I have been wanting to download it for a while, but was waiting for a promising patch. I like what I see of the resources. I am semi techno challenged. I have managed to download a number of terrain graphics from snoopy.
Originally posted by kring
Does this work with the new patch, 1.21? I have been wanting to download it for a while, but was waiting for a promising patch. I like what I see of the resources. I am semi techno challenged. I have managed to download a number of terrain graphics from snoopy.

It works, but you need the hacked editor to add new resources.
Maybe i will tell something stupid, or maybe something that could be a beginning of solution or a solution for adding luxury icons.

Maybe some of you know it is provocate more bugs in more of the mods that have been released since 1.21. I've thinked about one thing to test as we (all forum members of Civfanatics and Appolyton) go on to understand how it works.
It appears that luxury icon are linked to a specific place in ressource.pcx. I will try to copy this to a new sequence of ressources. I think the game have a ressource sequence that allow it to work in game. (I think also that the max of icons would be 176, i know it is incredible but it is the last number written on luxury small icon PCX of city screen and the number sequence written on it is 22, 44, 66, 88, 110, 132, 154 and... 176. NOTA: there's 22 icons in civ3.)
For the sequence I think it is: 8 strategic resources, 8 luxury resources and 6 bonus resources. But I believe it will never have errors with bonus resources cause not linked to specifics rules.
And after that you've got a specific file for luxury small icons for city screen. I believe it is why some's got errors when they enter into city...

I will try that ! And maybe it wouldn't be stupid...
Originally posted by SpincruS
It's not about screwing up the resources.pcx

The game IS limited to 24 resources.

If it works with you, then you are lucky, and you probably tweaked something without even knowing it :)

Well thank you for confirming that I'm not an idiot! :D

Now I've heard that since 1.21f, there's still a limit of 36 icons, is that true? I've just tried adding a 37th, but I haven't seen it displayed on the map yet, so I can't be certain. But that might only be because I haven't come across it yet.
Willem, you could make a test map, and place it next to your start location. If it needs a tech, you could also give yourself that tech to see if it shows up. That is, if you have the 1.29f patch.
Well I already have made a test, and indeed icon 37 appeared on map generated by the game. So with these fixes to the Luxuries, there's no longer any limits to resources. Although I'm not sure about absolute limits. And with a maximum appearance ratio of 900, there's going to be all sorts of thing we can do.

I want to experiment with having lots of resources, but make them disappear faster, including my Luxuries. It's going to take alot of play-testing to figure out the right numbers though. Especially with everything being tied to the save game.
Curious question: If you have done it yet, what is the max number you can see in the city screen, or the Trade Advisor screen?
I haven't had a chance yet to max out the Luxuries, but with Strategic, it's still 8 in the city screen, maybe 9. Any more and they just don't appear.

In the Trade Advisor screen, I've been able to see them all. Mind you, I haven't yet gone crazy with the total number due to the previous limitations. So I'm suspecting that the same applies for Luxuries.
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