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How to revert a civ bonus?


Apr 20, 2024
Having recently switched to this mod, I like the additions and a lot of the balance changes especially the third and fourth UC mod, but I miss the original civ trait of Spain. How would I go about readding/uncovering that bonus, while leaving the rest of the civ changes intact? I initially tried just removing changes from the sql file, but that didn't work. In the quick questions thread I was informed that I needed to modify the Civ5units and Civ5unitsmongolia, where I removed references to the current bonuses that Spain has, but all that did was remove spain from having a bonus and the loading screen now is black when I load in spain. Is there a simple process to this or am I not making enough changes?
You want the "Gold bonus for discovering a Natural Wonder (bonus enhanced if first to discover it). Culture, Happiness, and tile yields from Natural Wonders doubled." part back?

First go to the (2) Vox Populi/Database Changes/Civilizations/Spain.sql file and then
NaturalWonderFirstFinderGold = 0,
NaturalWonderSubsequentFinderGold = 0,
NaturalWonderYieldModifier = 0,
NaturalWonderHappinessModifier = 0,
Need to read 500, 100, 100, 100 instead.
Remove the free unit, the purchase naval with faith, and the whole bit with the helper table and the inquisitor (so down to the Conquistador).

You will then need to clear the cache and start a new game.
Hopefully you get the desired result!
And you have to use VP as a mod using the autoinstaller and modmenu and delete the modpack that you have in your dlc folder for these kind of changes.
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