[GS] How to set Specific Diffilculties For seperate Civs in Civ 6


Jul 9, 2022
So my situation is a little complicated.

I'm trying to do an Earth TSL as Eleanor, but I have the diety bonuses while all the other civ are on prince difficulty. (I've already figured out how to give myself the Diety bonuses by modifying the XML files.) I also want every civ in the game to be there, but that's when the problem comes in. You can only modify the difficulty of specific civs in HotSeat or Online. But Hotseat and Online both allow a maximum of 12 Players. I need around 50.

Basically, I'm trying to ask if there's a way I can modify the individual difficulties of each civ whether it's by modifying the XML files, a particular mod I don't know about, or something else.
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