How To Start a Game with Both Civilizations on the Same Continent

an old man

Feb 20, 2022
I have been playing for about a month or two now and always with just two civilizations. I have been playing continents and most of the time one civilization was on each continent, though I remember a game or two where both civs were on the same continent when I was playing as Greece.

Now I wish to experiment with both civs starting on the same continent. Is there any way to do this? I have started three games now with one civ as Greece and the other as Egypt, thinking the two were close enough in real life that they might both start on the same continent in the game, but all three were with each one on a different continent.

I cannot find a way to set the start so that both are on the same continent. Is there such an option and I have overlooked it?

Is it always random such that eventually if I start enough games one will occur with both on the same continent?

I have started many games with Greece vs USA and always both have been on separate continents.

Thanks for our help.


Sep 2, 2019
The only time real life civs will be substantially more likely to start together are TSL maps. Location of starts are semi random - they'll have start biases (eg Spain has a bias towards geothermic vents, so more likely to spawn near a continental divide, Norway has a bias for coasts, Mali for deserts etc). If you want to start next to another civ on the same continent, I have two possible ways:

  1. Use a TSL map, and select two civs that are near each other in real life, eg choose Huge Earth TSL with Spain and Germany. Be aware of scale - Spain and Portugal will not be pleasant in that map.
  2. Play on Terra map. This is a generated map that has two continents, with all the players on the larger one and most of the city states on the other. The positive of this is that you don't have to pick civs that were close together in real life - it could Russia and Maya. The downside is that you don't get full control of where civs start - the distance between your starting spots could still be quite large.
Oct 17, 2017
I second what @Linklite says. If you still want a randomized world choose a Terra map where all major civilizations are on one continent.
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