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how to stop aircraft


Sep 4, 2012
I've about 10 spitfires in London and my army in north-west france gets hit by lots of air sweeps from german aircraft. I see my spitfires intercept but the troops still take damage. Also the enemy aircraft never seem to suffer problems as next turn they are at full strength.

So how can I stop the aircraft? Taking the city that they are based in is obviously one way but very difficult. Can I not shoot them down with intercepts?
One way to prevent this from happening would be to be able to rebase aircraft to allied citys, But I don't know if it's possible. It certainly isn't in the game yet.
His planes are allready doing what they are supposed to, eg intercept, problem is that in the non beta version (v.30) interception does not give xp while the attacking plane naturally gets xp. This in the end results in you having semi poor air defense, while their air planes proberly have upgraded all the way to the bonus that gives less damage taken when intercepted.

Also in the beginning everyone has plenty of material, so that could account for the attacking planes being full hp next round. But myself and others have noted that it can seem a bit off, so there is a possibility for a bug for interception not damageing anything.

I think most of these issues are fixed in the beta version (v.31) tho, but keep in mind that beta means beta which again means there might be other issues :)
you can't kill bombers, you wear down the enemy materiel reinforcement until they can't heal faster than they take damage.

Now this has been a reccurent question, so I will make fighters stronger when fighting fast/normal/heavy bombers (and raise the evasion probability of the fast bombers) so iy became more apparent that they take damages and remove the corresponding frustration for the defending player.

But still don't expect to be able to destroy a bomber squadron via interception.

Airfield are planned in the future to allow basing of aircrafts in friendly territory.
While helping France as British I swaped front troop taking hits with fresh one and send back the wounded one. Sometime it was French troops taking the hits. I did that for sometime untill the German exhausted their supply making the bombers do less damage. If the German keep using their bombers I think you can destroy some if they reach 0 hit points. I become harder as you get far from England and the spitfire. Cologne is a good place to take. Before sending your aircraft there be sure to surround it with troop.
If it's still working correctly, I've forced the AI to heal it's air units when they reach a low HP level.
In ver 30 or maybe 29 I saw bombers getting killed up to the last HP. In anycase while they get rest to repair they dont bomb you so its time to attack.
In ver 30 or maybe 29 I saw bombers getting killed up to the last HP. In anycase while they get rest to repair they dont bomb you so its time to attack.

think that was v.29, atleast in my v.30 game the ai did rest/heal its air units.
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