How to take out Japan when they have buckets loads of zeros?!


Apr 18, 2012
So im taking out japan. I drop several nukes and land a force taking a city near their cap. Only to find out they have about 30 zeros in there. My landing force obviously didnt last very long.
So, how to deal with this? Im up to future era tech
Well, it sounds like your ICBMs may have been dropped in the wrong city if their 30 Zeros were based in the city next to it instead of in it.

With conventional forces, something like 30+ jet fighters.
Where are your logistics stealth bombers?

Also don't mass land your forces right away. Take a coastal city or two with one unit after bombarding it to deep red, keep the rest of your armies in the water (with your navy hopefully keeping watch).

Make Oda come to your new possessions, and then shatter his forces with more atomics or stealth bomber barrage.
Zeroes require one Oil each. If Oda has substantial oil resources within his empire then interdict them. If he's getting some of it from City States then bribe them away. Depriving Oda of oil will nerf the existing Zeroes and prevent him from building new ones.
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