How to win "early conquest" on deity

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    Dec 25, 2012
    Hi everyone,

    I'm uploading a video series showing how to apply the "early conquest" strategy on Deity. For anyone interested the video series starts here:

    It's not an exceptionally great date, like 800 AD or something like that, but I show the general strategy and all of the main ideas you need to apply. There are some inaccuracies here and there, so I end up getting the conquest win after 1200 AD, but I mention most of them during the video so you can consider them in your own game if you want to optimize your win date.

    In any case, the series should be enough to learn how to easily get a conquest win on deity (or any other difficulty).

    For those that prefer the text to the video, some basic things:

    - Tech only until monotheism, then switch to gold.
    - Monarchy as early as possible, then keep it until the end.
    - Wonders to build: Marco Polo, HG (hurry, the AI builds it fast) and Sun Tzu are the main ones. Lighthouse may help, Michael Angelo comes late but you might not have anything better to do in your older cities during the late game.
    - Use caravans to get the wonders in one turn. Don't use caravans for anything else.
    - Diplomats to "buy" non capital cities will speed up your win.

    And that's most of the basic theory. Early conquest is a very different game to the scientific one, so forget commerce, late game governments and optimizing trade routes. If you want an easy win on deity, this is the simplest way to go.

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