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The Son
Mar 9, 2006
Somewhere in the twisting bowels of the Big Old Thread, Rhye posted instructions on how to enable Python debuging in cIV. After scouring the thread to try and find it, I figured it would be nice if it was just here somewhere.

I realize it might already be here, but I couldn't find a thread that said it. It also might be better for these instructions to just be added to one of the reserved posts somewhere, like in the 'download latest version' thread.

First off, go to your cIV main folder, and find the shortcut named _Civ4Config. This shortcut will take you to the CivilizationIV.ini file, in which all of the core settings that cannot be changed in game are storred.

Now then, the first thing you need to do, is scroll down in this file to the start of the [GAME] section. You should see;

; Move along
CheatCode = 0

which must be chan ged to:

; Move along
CheatCode = chipotle

This will allow you to press Ctrl-Z in game and enter the infamous DEBUG MODE < crash of ominous thunder > (I really need to find whoever does that.. Never mind. This mode will, among other things, reveal the entire map to you (But not to the civ you are in charge of) and also let you enter any city, and see everything that is going on in the game, and it won't even slow your load times between turns.

Also howver, you should enable Python exceptions and Debug popups. in the following ways.

under the [CONFIG] section, around fourth from the bottom of the [CONFIG] section, you should find;

; Set to 1 for no python exception popups
HidePythonExceptions = 1

Change that to;

; Set to 1 for no python exception popups
HidePythonExceptions = 0

And last, you actually have to ADD a whole variable. I place this variable at the bottom of the [DEBUG] section to spread out the fun, but it doesn't seem to actually matter where you put it, or at least I have never noticed a difference and doubt I just got lucky on my first try. If it does matter, someone please tell me so I can change this.

You must add;

ShowPythonDebugMsgs = 1


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Jul 20, 2003
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