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HQ1 Succession Game: For the glory of Greece (OPEN GAME)


Hippo Power
Jan 9, 2002
Western Galicia
This game is full.


Difficulty: Warlord
Civ: Greeks
Map Size: Standard
Landform: Continents
Landmass: Standard
Climate: Standard
Mountains: Standard
Barbarians: Standard
Opponents: All random
Victory Conditions: All enabled
Scenerio Objective: Win :D

Turns: Up to 20 in the first round, then up to 15 and from the third round on up to 10 though you can always opt to play less.

This is the second round. We now play up to 15 turns

24 hours to post "I got it and then 24 to play and post.
No Auto-saves or automation of workers allowed.

TG Cid
I've taken the first 40 turns to get the game started. The save-file will be attached as soon as the roster is full.

In the days before time a small group of beings wandered the world, hunting and foraging in order to stay alive. They had no name for themselves except for "The Chosen Ones". One day they found themselves in an area where strange things grew. Some of the women picked some berries and took them to the elders who were discussing whether or not they should give up hunting and turn to farming. When the women presented the starnge berries to the leaders they loved it so much that they decided to found their new home right where they were as there were able supply of these grapes in the region.
After deciding to settle they found that they needed a proper name for their people that they could tell others without revealing that they were really the chosen one. The leader had gotten a taste for these berries and just couldn't get enough of them. Unfortunately they also became his death as he ate some sour ones. The final word he said was "Graaach" and it was thus decided, in his honour, that they should be known as Greeks. Rising to command after the old leader was Alexanderqin the First. In tribute to their deceased leader he named the city Athens to honour him.

4000 BC: Athens is founded and there is much rejoicing in the land. Workers start building a road to the grapes so we can have a stady supply of wine.
3950-3600 BC: Nothing much happens
3550 BC: Our warrior slowly approaches a small village. It is the first signs of intelligent life we have found so far. As they enters they are greeted as emissarries of the gods and given 25 bars of gold.
3500-3250 BC: Quiet. Exploration continues.
3200 BC: Yet another village is found and yet again we're given gold in tribute.
3150-3050: We continue to explore.
3000: The most amazing thing happens. We find signs of another civilization. Are warriors are allowed to enter the city of Babylon and is given an audience with their leader, Hammurabi. These Babylonians have the ability to construct wast temples and some interesting rituals on how to deal with their dead. Our warriors are intrigued as we normally just dump our dead in the ocean. They stay and learn the Ceremonial Burial from the Babylonians. As a thank you they teach Hammurabi about letters.
2900-2850 BC: More exploration.
2800 BC: We find another cluster of houses, but this time it is just a barbarian people and not a civilization. When our warrior enters the village the natives are so impressed that some of them volunteer to join our army.
Meanwhile in the south a party of brave Greek settlers have arrived at a spot where a great river runs. They find the sight fascinating and thus decide to settle there. They are not too pleased about the decadence that is taking place in Athens though, so they name their town Sparta, hoping to pursue what they see as a "spartan" life.
2750-2670 BC: Yawn. More exploration.
2630 BC: Yet another Barbarian village is discovered. Our Warriors slowly enters it and are ambushed! Luckily they survive the attacks from the crazy barbs.
2590 BC: Ahh.... civilized life. We meet a strange people calling themselves Japanese. They are competent warriors and abide by a rigid code. We seek to learn what this Warrior Code is all about and they are only too happy to teach us. We then teach them how to make an Alphabet and they find the knowledge of letter interesting. As our warriors are about to leave they suddenly see some strange round thing. The Japanese calls it Wheels and they are happy to tell us all about it. Intoxicated with this new knowledge we agree to tell them how to bury their warriors properly. We leave Togugawa and his proud people in friendhip.
2550-2190 BC: More exploration.

Note to next. There are gems in the jungle to the southeast. South of Sparta are several good cityspots and they should probably be top priority in order to keep Japan pinned down. I don't trust Togugawa so we will have to be attentive to his military buildup. Two settlers are currently in production and the one in Athens will be complete in two turn. Athens also contain a barracks.

Save will be posted when game is full.

EDIT: It seems I need to work a bit on images. Any good advice?
This is the starting location


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Having some troubles getting recruits, I see. Hang in there, somebody will take notice and sign up. I would, but I'm a bit beyond Warlord level now and wouldn't want to muck up your game. :)

- Sirian
Thanks Sirian, but not to worry. I have plenty of patience. I normally play on Regent and am considering a step up, but for my first succession game I figured it would be a good idea to start out easy. Then the next one can on Regent level. Come on you lurkers. I know you're there :D Sign on :)
I'll play, I enjoy playing as Greece every now and then. The initial area looks pretty nice too. Count me in.
I'll join if that's alright with everyone. I'll admit this is my first sucession game, but I don't think I can mess up that badly on Warlord right ;) ?
And here is the save. We should have a full roster before it is time for the second round.
I hope the file works ok when unzipped. As it is my first suc.game I'm still trying to get to grasp with all the functions.
ahhhh how i love the greeks... sign me up!!!! (is there any room left?) I usely play regent, so I might be of assistance... maybe.
2150 BC - The new King of the Greek people, Leonidas, is proclaimed. Hailing from Sparta, he is the first high government official not born of Athens. The King orders the Greek warriors in the field to find out about the land beyond Kyoto and Babylon

2110 BC - A band of hardy settlers form in Athens and head south, while the King orders a temple to be erected to the sun god Apollo.

2030 BC - Greek warriors exploring west of Kyoto disturb some Mycanean savages, and quickly deal with them, becoming elite.

1870 BC - Thermopylae founded south of Sparta to take advantage of fertile grasslands, cattle, and game in the surrounding forests. A hoplite regiment is ordered rasied to defend the city. A road reaches the city almost immediately upon its' founding. Another group of settlers set out from Sparta, and the King orders workers rounded up to improve the kingdom.

1700 BC - Spartan workers take to the road and head north to connect Athens to more wine sources. More settlers are collected by order of the King.

1650 BC - The Temple of Apollo is completed in Athens, the call soon goes out that another regiment of hoplites is to be rasied in the city.

1625 BC - Corinth founded on the coast to take advantage of the rich gem deposits in the mountains to the west. The King orders a hoplite regiment formed, and retires to Sparta for the last years of his life.
Alright, I d/led it, I'll get started on it immediately after I finish my English homework (only 10 more minutes or so, my parents are bugging me to a point that I can't concentrate), I'll have it posted soon I promise :) .
1600 BC- A new King, the sucessful former General, Orlandu rises to lead Greece towards its Ultimate destiny.

1575- A friendly tribe residing on the outskirts of Japanese borders are greeted by our warrior. They are impressed with our mighty civilization and offer the knowledge of Pottery.

1525- Hoplite regiment trained in Athens.

1475- The great King Orlandu, grants additional money to his scholars in hopes of a faster discovery of "Writing".

1400- Writing is discovered! Orlandu has set his scholars towards the discovery of Philosophy.

1300- Barbarians treacherously attack the outside walls of our great city, Sparta, resulting in their deaths, and a promotion to "veteran" for our brave Hoplite soldiers.

1250- In an attempt to stem the Japanese Expansion into Greece's future Empire, Orlandu establishes a city, Delphi by their borders. Though the aids worry of a "cultural flip", Orlandu is confident in Greece's culture and people's loyalty.

1200- A new Greek city is founded, Pharsalos, to the Southeast of the rest of the Empire. An extra hoplite is immediately summoned from Athens to guard the new found town. Not only does the city prevent the Japanese from creeping into our Empire from the East, but horses were also discovered in the hills next to the city, a valuable resource the Trade Advisor proclaimed while Orlandu's Military Advisor nodded in agreement.

1125- A barbarian camp is attacked by our warrior and conquered the camp, razing it and plundering the loot! 25 gold is taken from the savages and returned to Athens.

1100- Orlandu spends his last moments in a bed, old and bedridden. Looking at the Empire that he helped construct---the Empire of Greece, he smiles with contentment and knows his reign will not be in vain (hey that rhymes ;) ). Talking softly to his messenger, he leaves the few notes he can remember to the future ruler(s).

- The gems are being connected to our trade network, see to it that they are completed.

- Do what you can to stem Japanese expansion to our South. The jungle north of us, which is occupied by the Babylonians are of little value to us, but do try and claim a few for resources such as rubber.

- We should avoid fighting prolonged wars in the B.C. time period, let us research "The Republic" to gain a tech lead over the other civs.

- If you have the time and workers, try and set up trade routes to Japan/Babylon. Japan has spices and trading with them could keep them happy for now.

Good luck my friends and fellow rulers. Deliver Greece to her glorious moment of victory!! :king:
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