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Huge map diplomacy, question!


Mar 1, 2002
I am playing in a huge map,,, and fighting a war with my neighbourgs the English, but i want to know which civs have trade treaties with them, as there are 15 civs, they dont appear on the diplomatic advisor , so if i wanna make a trade embargo is a matter of guessing who is trading with them,,, does anybody know if there is a way to know who is trading with whom with 15 civs?
With the new patches, you cannot see trade agreements unless you have contact with the civ in question. Likewise you can't see embargoes etc. You need to contact the civs you've already met and see if communications w/ other civs are available for trade. When you contact a civ and the diplomacy window comes up, if they have contact with a civ that you don't you will see "communications" as one of the trade options. By trading for this you can usually contact most of the other civs. When you do contact a new civ, I think you have to establish an embassy in order to see their trade agreements, contacts, peace, war, etc. on the diplomacy screen.
Is your problem not being able to see more than 8 civs on the foriegn advisor screen? If so, just shift + right click on the portrait you want to change and select the civ you want to view.
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