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swan princess
Feb 18, 2002
Hopefully, this weekend I will embark on my first multiplayer game. I am exstremely nervous. I was wondering what works for other people when they play other people. What other sites have great advice? I need to read up. I'm not the best civer against the AI but I do my best. Just need a confidence booster I guess. Thanks in advance.:confused:
Defend your cities! Double!

Think of the most underhanded thing you would do, and guard against it. And go get those huts!

Don't waste time with granaries.
Playing multiplayer is not anything like playing the computer. The computer doesn't know how to attack or focus its efforts well. A person will. Be sure to check out the Multiplayer Forum to see what tricks you can learn.

FYI, If the other person is new to multiplayer then it could be a fun game, but some people get a new person into a multiplayer game just to totally tear them apart.

One quick trick, when you get to the point of building wonders or moving your capital or when they finds your territory, rename all your cities to your capital cities name (i.e London). That way they won't know which cities have which wonders, or where your capital is, or how much you've expanded without spending more time and resources to check yur cities out. :D
I've never played multi, but one thing to be aware of is that you will be wasting your time trying to have a super science city. The chances of your getting 3 specific wonders in the same city are highly unlikely, especially if other players have noticed that you've built the Colossus and Cop's already. They will do their utmost to prevent all 3 SSC wonders being built together, and they can use caravans too!
Don't let these experts scare you. Playing against real people is the real thing. It can be lots of fun, and if you use the old brainpan, you can hold your own. Just remember, anything nasty, dirty, or devious that the A.I. might do, real people will do. And if you think the A.I. has a long memory when it comes to dirty tricks, real people can be fanatical. So don't start a war until you are ready to wipe out your target civ.. and when you do, finish him. If you make it to the modern age, remember, spies are your best weapon. :)>)
I played last night and my face was used to mop the floor. Not a pretty sight. I completely fogot all the knowledge I gained in the war academy and anything I learned from posts here. I froze with major performace fright. However, that experience has whetted my appetite for more of that kind of competition. Guess I am a glutton for punishment. Hey, if it doesn't kill ya, it has to make ya stronger, right?:aargh3:
I was just coming to post that you should fully expect to get waxed at first.Maybe not actually wiped out,but seemingly eons behind in cities,units,techs, name it.Not too will improve quickly.

Hey Amb!

i got was about to get worked a couple of days ago i have been playing this this game (against the AI's) for a few years. And you are right, if it does not kill you it only makes you stronger. One day soon you will be backhanding other players into the next zip code.

See You On The Field Of Battle!!!!!!!
Another thing to remember is build a massive navy and a good reconnaissance infrastructure. Some players manage to secretly build an entire invasion force and slip it to your shores before you know it. Even if it's just transports and fighters, you have to spot them before they arrive, then you can take your time to muster some missles and whatnot to feed the fish. Just imagine if some some scruffy fisherman had caught sight of the Yamamoto's fleet on the way to Pearl Harbor. How different would this real Civ game be?
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