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Hungary: Kingdom of the Magyar (RFC: Europe)


Back From The Beyond
Jan 9, 2010
In times immemorial, a people who called themselves Magyar came upon the Carpathian Basin and made their home there. Through the centuries, Romans, Lombards, and Huns all controlled this region, subjugating its population. But by the end of the Ninth Century AD, Europe was chaotic, disunited, and these civilizations had all fallen.

And it was time for another to rise in their place.

United under the charismatic Grand Prince Árpád, the disparate Magyar - or, as they were known to others, Hungarian - tribes were made into a meaningful whole, a nation which now effectively controlled all of the Carpathian Basin. Through blood and iron, this kingdom would forge a lasting dynasty, and once more the prayer would be heard throughout Europe: "God, spare us from the arrows of the Huns."

This nation was...

By AD 909, when Hungary's second city, Debrecen, was founded further down the Danube, Árpád had died. But his dynasty continued, and the next Grand Prince, Solt, opened trade relations with the squabbling Bulgarians and Romans to the southeast, trading for the secrets of herbal medicine and siege machinery, among others. It was decided that the most prudent decisions for Hungary were to expand further into the Carpathians, and to explore lands all across Europe in search of new trade partners.

And so in that same year, a delegation was sent to the Most Serene Republic of Venice, and further trade routes were opened with that merchant republic. For the specifics of Byzantine religious art, the architectural technique of vaulted arches was traded to the fledgling land of Hungary. The Venetians would doubtlessly prove to be valuable trade partners - and perhaps allies - in the future.

In 915, Hungarian merchants encountered representatives of the distant Kingdom of Burgundy. Their leader seemed wary of the strange easterners, and didn't wish to open up trade relations, which disappointed the Grand Prince. No matter. There were bigger fish to fry... or to trade with, as it were.

918 would prove to be an eventful year for Hungary. Magyar explorers reached the borders of the powerful Holy Roman Empire. Like the Burgundians, the Holy Roman Emperor wasn't impressed with the Hungarians, and sent them along their way. The wider world was proving to be a hard nut to crack for the young Hungary.

About the same time, Catholic missionaries from Bulgaria had spread their faith into Hungarian society, and Grand Prince Solt converted to the Catholic faith, travelling personally to St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, the eternal city. There he bowed before the Pope, and was baptized into the Christian faith.

Briefly afterwards, a party of settlers set up camp to the northeast of Debrecen, founding the city of Szatmarnemeti, bringing more of the Carpathian Basin under the authority of the Grand Prince. The realm of Hungary was ever expanding, and military expeditions into the south would soon further increase the size of the new nation.

In 927, a small force of longswordsmen and pikemen came upon the slavic city of Belograd, and laid siege to it. The small garrison of archers was no match for the trained Magyar soldiers, and the city soon fell. The city was renamed Gyulafehervar, and incorporated into the burgeoning Principality of Hungary. This comprised of Hungary's first claim outside of the Carpathian Basin, foreshadowing Hungary's glorious future.

That's too bad, I really like the idea of an RFC EUrope AAR. Don't know about your city placement, though.
Wait, whats too bad?

Also, when I tried playing hungary, I went south and conquered Illyria, by pushing out the venetians and conquering another civ.

Just an idea.
I thought for a while that my comp had broked-ed, but we managed to bring it back to life. ^^ And thanks for the pointer. I need to have at least one coastal city. I was hoping to do that via the Crusade, rather than antagonize my neighbors too badly, but if push comes to shove...
The Hungarians should be a bit challenging, due to their infamous stability issues :). Just remember that Austria is weak, and should be taken out around the first turn with your mass amounts of huszars, strengthened with the flanking promotions.

Keep it up, too. An RFC Europe AAR should be very fun.
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