Hvitalfars: magical high elves civ proposal


Apr 5, 2010
I really think that there should be a third race of elves, and here is a proposal for a new civilization, the Hvitalfar, high elves oriented towards good and strongly connected to magic.

During the civil war between the Ljosalfar and the Svaltalfar, a small group of Lojoslafar citizens decided that their should better ways to fight the winter queen. They reproached the Ljosalfar leaders their neutral alignment and not to take sides in the battle between the Good and Evil that took place in Erebus. They called themselves the Hvitalfars, or white elves, and started to devellop strong physical skills and to increase their knowledge of the world. One the most powerful student of Kylorin, Gastrisu, later joined them and started to teach them how to domesticate the magic of the world and he was their first leader. With the education of Gastrisu, the Hvitalfer learned many hidden secrets and rapidly became masters in magical skills.

Leader :Gastrisu
Traits :
  • Arcane
  • Attuned (at the creation of every unit, there is a 20% chance per mana that the civilization owns that the knowledge of the unit in this mana sphere is increased by 1)

Civilization traits :
  • Elven
  • Defender of Good (+5% defence, +5% strength to all units if alignment is good, -10% defence -10% strength if neutral, -25% defence, -25% strenght if evil)

Wordspell : Blessing of Embarr (available at Strength of Will)
Every unit is more attuned to the world mana (i.e. every unit gains an an increase in their mana skill, with a 20% probability per mana owned).

Note on the attuned trait and Blessing of Embarr : the mana bonus is applied after the unit creation and it increases the mana skills of the unit. For instance, if you have 2 fire mana, whenever you create an unit, it will have a 2x20% chance (40% chance) to gain fire1. And if the unit is an adept, it will gain fire1 at creation (because you have 2 fire mana) and have a 40% chance to gain fire2. BUT, no unit can gain a level 2 in any mana at creation before "sorcery" and you need Strength of will to gain a level 3.

Hvitalfar palace : provides 1 body mana (high elves are strong), 1 nature mana (elves like nature) and 1 metamagic mana.

Special buildings :
  • The Wand of Oghma (national wonder, available at Sorcery) : can be
    • set in a city providing 1 metamagic mana + 4 research
    • wore by an *arcane* unit providing magic immunity and +1 metamagic affinity to the unit
  • The Tower of mana (national wonder, available at arcane lore) :
    • provides 1 random mana, provided you know the corresponding technology
    • +10% research
    • increases by 10% the probability to get a new mana power for units created in this city (i.e. the attuned probability is 30% instead of 20%)

Special units :
Conjurer (archmage replacement)
Units summoned by a conjurer have +1 metamagic affinity

Hero : Gastrisu (available at Strength of Will)
Heroic conjurer with 6 strength

Note on the strategy for Hvitalfars

They are somehow similar to the amurites in the sense that they are magic oriented and regular units can get access to spells, but there are very important differences.
  • they are elves which definitely influences their development, military and religious strategy
  • instead of getting many level1 spells for all your units, the number of spells of regular units will be quite limited (for instance for a small empire with 5 mana, the created units have 1 spell on the average, and for a large empire with 10 mana, you get only 2 spells per unit on the average). But, you can have regular units with outstanding capabilities that gain level 2 spells after the blessing of Embarr and even level3 spells at their creation (ratha with sun3, royal guards with spirit3, provided you know "Strength of Will" and have the corresponding mana). In general, the arcane units are the one that can gain the largest benefit from from the attuned trait and the Hvitalfar do not have any non arcane powerful unit (like firebows, for instance).
  • the mana strategy is more complex. Should you concentrate on metamagic to help the wearer of the wand of Oghma and later to increase the power of your conjurers, or have a set of mana nodes more useful to enhance regular units?
  • with the wand of Oghma, the arcane units can be decent fighters
  • conjurers, the national hero and the blessing of Embarr can be extremely powerful, but they are only available late in the game (at strength of will)
  • religious strategy is quite different. Elves can of course largely gain from the FoL, and this should probably be their prefered religious orientation. But other religions can be more interesting: OO and CoE for their arcane heroes, AV, Order and Empy for their disciple heroes that can gain large benefits from the access to any magic mana sphere. Also druids can be interesting units as they have chanelling 3. But Hvitalfars are defenders of Good and Gastrisu should think twice before changing alignment.

I am starting to implement this civ (well, I try to :d), and any comment, suggestion remark, etc, is welcome.
Sounds awesome, it's a shame that this was not implemented. I miss some Tolkien-style elf flavour in FfH2.
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