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Hyperdimension Neptunia - Blanec's Lowee Empire Project

Discussion in 'Civ5 - New Civilizations' started by BlanecWH, Jun 27, 2016.

  1. BlanecWH

    BlanecWH Chieftain

    Jun 27, 2016
    Pathum Thani, Thailand
    Hyperdimension Neptunia: Touhou Galaxy Project

    Download (Steam)
    Download (Hyperdimension Neptunia: Core File Extended) V6

    "You may to fight with fan fiction like me? or something that make from nothing."
    - Blanec​

    Hyperdimension Neptunia: Touhou Galaxy Project is Expanded Universe of Hyperdimension Neptunia based on Blanc's novel start the story on Galaxy far far away from Gamindustri known as Touhou Galaxy, location in 750 million light year from Gamindustri which Lowee Empire government was here after found the old homeworld (Gamindustri), another galaxy that close to Touhou Galaxy was Tarianpa Galaxy, a Stargate Galaxy that lose the mind after kill much many God and broke the traditional like Jaffa carry P90 instead of Staff after SG Explorer have arrive and cause many Downfall of major galactic civilization.

    Touhou Galaxy Project have given a realistic strategy use on Neptunia: Touhou Galaxy Civilization such as you must have Vehicle Factory in order to build Armor Unit and Siege Unit when Air Unit are require Aerospace Factory in order to build it which similar to some mod before, as well as fix some bug that happen on Vice Virtuoso's Hyperdimension Neptunia: Core File and support some function to this mod as well.

    The Core File was using for Two major civilization are Lowee Empire lead by Blanec and Neutral Alliance lead by Jonathan J. O'Neill and crush with superior unit that they have.

    Memory of Kagami and Traveller from Beyond of Gamindustri of Civilization VI version, see here. (As this mod have no longer support anymore which have to play Civilization VI version of this mod instead, but the information page still maintain)

    The Story of Memory of Kagami is setting in G.C. 2014. 6 year after Star Conflict invasion over Touhou Galaxy, Death of Tsukasa Hiiragi and dark memory of Princess Kagami Hiiragi have result in heavily focus on defense force of Interstellar Federation under rule by Lady Kasami Hiiragi until she have prepare for assault on Star Conflict for first time by meet with all leader at Senate station before being attack by Star Conflict which result in most of leader were murdering and blame on Touhou Galaxy. Causing various universe bring in chaos and that chaos of their people were convert to their ultimate weapon known as Great Mind Trick, 30km massive starship that prepare for war with Chiyukitalian and Touhou Galaxy after they have raid on XJM Project black site which stolen one of their weapon. Kasami have reunite with Kagami and adventure with other four CPU to find other people who still not being convert by power of chaos that control by Great Mind Trick which it was ultimate weapon that can protect the Touhou Galaxy from extinction.

    After Star Conflict have assault on K-11 under name of Lucas's Alliance have bought several mind control universe to fight alongside with him which result the Interstellar Federation have declare war on Lucas's Alliance, which given their right to exterminate Chiyukitalian since they have declare war on them first, not the Lu-Al which leading to outbreak the massive war that will change the face and history of Touhou Galaxy forever known as "Great Universe War", which the story is begin.

    Main Cast

    - Blanec
    - Kasami Hiiragi
    - Teijiki Peon
    - Aiko*
    - Vertimiki Niwa
    - Miki Hiiragi
    - Tomoya Dinogi

    - Jonathan "Jack" O'Neill
    - Samantha "Sam" Carter

    Note *: Aiko didn't have mentioned any source of information in Civilization V as she debut in Civilization VI while other like Peon debut in Great Admiral and Niwa debut as one of spy.


    Factories (not confuse with vanilla 'Factory') are important building that allow to build any military unit in that type such as Air Unit must build Aerospace Factory in order to build these unit or Armor or Siege Unit must build Vehicle Factory in order to build as well, Most of Building have level, such as Rothana System Drive is Level 3 Lowee Empire Shipyard which obsolete when Level 4 Hyperion Shipyard was unlocked, most of factory will obsolete at last unit was build on, these factory are still not appeared on non-Touhou Galaxy Civilization yet, as stuck at CBO mod and some mod.

    These Factory will play a important role for these civilization (and all civilization in future) as this unit (Luka Supercarrier) require one of shipyard in order to build it.

    Note: This is not release for Vanilla unit yet.

    A Vanilla Fighter (include with those Unique like Zero and Civilization have Unique Fighter) will require NAA in order to build (or buy them if have CBO)

    When Stealth Bomber will require Lockheed in order to build.

    Build a Lockheed Factory and now build a unit (or buy if have CBO).

    This don't affect to TG-Civilization like Lowee Empire as this SX-3 Unique Jet Fighter is require Stardrive System Industries (or level 2 Aerospace Factory.) when Vanilla Jet Fighter is require Lockheed that is level 3 Aerospace Factory.

    When Stardrive System Industries, a Lowee Empire Unique Factory is replaced Level 2 Aerospace Factory, Lowee Empire will not have level 3 Aerospace Factory like most of civilization have it.


    City-States in Touhou Galaxy Project are based on Science Fiction Movie that are not series or franchise such as Laune City-States are based on Le Voyage dans La Lune or A Trip to the Moon, there are 15 City-States in this mod have appeared in the game.

    World Wonder
    Most of Wonder in this mod are same as on Novel, most of wonder are on important building that appeared in the novel such as I7 Prison and Cheyenne HRX Military Base along with from AD's Neptunia World Wonder with fix edition.

    Although without these TG-Wonder, you can still build such these build as you want, however, some wonder is specific for civilization who is build such as Alpha Force Headquarter which will free 3 Alpha Force Soldier, most powerful Gunpowder unit in the game and they will be train if wonder was belong to Lowee Empire, if wonder is belong to non-Lowee Empire will can't train these soldier, or XJM Project is World Wonder which Lowee Empire only can be build.

    We have attempt to recreate a 3D model for these wonder for Civilization VI which currently under working are Tomoya's House, Alpha Force Headquarter and Ryoo Interstellar Academy and they will have same effect as Civ 5 version (except that AFH will not have those free Alpha Force Soldier).

    There are Example:



    Special Feature
    These Special Feature can edit by change an option in TGOption.Sql.

    Gamindustri Calendar
    True Color and Touhou Galaxy Leader Title

    Neutral? Neutral neutral neutral

    Support Mod
    - Community Patch
    Community Patch was main core for Touhou Galaxy Project as fix AI and also few Compatibility for this mod in order to play better, however, still don't require this mod but may will support in future.

    - Community Balance Overhaul
    Community Balance Overhaul will play major role if you don't want to build these factory for build these unit, CBO will replaced every TG building as Purchase only, but may still not release yet.

    - Enlightenment Era
    Some of TG Factory will place in some era of this mod like Hyperion Shipyard will replaced from Steam Power to Armor Plating.

    - JFD's Cities in Development
    Most of TG Factory will require Power in order to build and fight the enemy as they want, however, it was stuck on AI who don't have brain more than player, as you must sell an outdated factory from the city in order to regain the power, this mod is still not recommend for vs AI.

    - JFD's Cultural Diversity
    It was the Core File for every Cultural Diversity for Touhou Galaxy Civilization (and some Neptunia civilization as well) include with Gamindustrian, Chiyukitalian and Tarianpa.


    This Copyright image can't be seen in other Steam Workshop mod more than the Mod that made by Mastodonmk2, if you see this image being put in the mod that not belong or work by (with) Mastodonmk2 is likely stolen!!
    (C) 2015, Chiyukitalian, Tomoya Dinogi, Kasami Hiiragi, Teijiki Peon, Aiko, Vertimiki Niwa, Miki Hiiragi, Blanec and every material are part of Idea Factory, Compile Heart, Hyperdimension Neptunia: Touhou Galaxy Project Novel. Created by Mastodonmk2.

    HDN: Touhou Galaxy Project is rights work material for part of Idea Factory and Compile Heart, and work by Mastodonmk2. DON'T use for selling or commercial without have permission by creator especially Tomoya Dinogi, Aiko and Gekino Bird seal.

    Related Project
    - Hyperdimension Neptunia: Touhou Galaxy Project (Civ6)
    - New World Order Project (TBD)

    Creator once have plan to make Blanec's Lowee Empire in Civilization: Beyond Earth under "Civilization" instead of "Sponsor" with most of Unique Unit return, but there are issue that creator didn't have own that game, as well as the unit were Overpowered such as Shinano would using strength and ability similar to Civ5 version instead of CivBE.

    This project is no longer continue since ModBuddy refuse to update Lowee Empire mod after using Windows 10 Pro and also We can't have get VS2010 Shell anymore. RIP. To support this mod, player need to buy Civ6 in order to continue the update.
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  2. BlanecWH

    BlanecWH Chieftain

    Jun 27, 2016
    Pathum Thani, Thailand
    Lowee Empire
    Download (Steam)

    "For the Ruui Teikoku we will not fall."
    - Blanec​


    Kiiro no hana or "Yellow flower" was Great Seal of the Lowee Empire, as well as Seal of Royal Order of Hiiragi Family.
    Hyperdimension Neptunia: Chiyukitalian Civilization. Formerly known as Hyperdimension Neptunia: Blanec's Lowee Empire.

    Lowee Empire was single-states government and largest empire in the Touhou Galaxy and beyond the galaxy, rule by Lady White Heart known as Kasami Hiiragi, the capital of Lowee Empire was 'Chiyuki' (similar to 'Chikyu' in Japanese mean 'Earth') which have similar level like to Gamindustri, Lowee Empire is know for massive video game empire and anime as well. Lowee Empire was reformation from Interstellar Federation after Great Universe War were cause the Federation downfall after war that fight against Star Wars and many result to became the massive imperialistic empire. Lowee Empire have most advanced technology beyond the era and also they don't wait many year to suitable to make a technology like cliche of Fly Car were year 2100 will have it when Lowee do since year G.C. 2000 and use it since G.C. 2002. Lowee Empire using Sakura emblem instead of Gekino Bird unlike Old Federation did.

    - Blanec's Civilization
    - Advanced 2D Dynamic Leader Scene
    - Ton of Easter Egg and References
    - Ton of Dialog (support to mod like Community Patch, Civilization IV Diplomatic, etc)
    - Counter-IGE measures (For who enable IGE into the game use to teach the 'Cheater', don't affect save game or original dialog)
    - Custom name for naval unit

    (Blanec, the Greatest CPU without HDD Form novel, 17 Year old)


    (Memory of Kagami Novel, 16 Year old)
    Kasami Hiiragi
    True Form:


    Prototype Form:


    Amu (G.C. 1997 - present), also known as Kasami Hiiragi (Audience/Player have often mistake refer 'Kasami' as 'Kasumi'), or title known as Lady White Heart is greatest/youngest CPU of Lowee Empire and most powerful leader in Touhou Galaxy more than any legend such as Tomoyatalian Empire leader Tomoya Dinogi may is not enough to compare her anyway, she was known as Youngest Female Leader of the Galaxy. As AI in this game, she is best to be friend and may she will become Hostile to many leader who denouncing her or go in same victory (also do some bad way like Spy or broke promise and Domination) which result in declare of war by her (but in Community Patch and Community Balance Overhaul is rare to see her declare war except she may will demand for not get declare war for mostly in player), she is often victory is toward to Cultural or Science Victory because She is focus for the Empire become as most powerful empire with freedom (although she is often become for Domination Victory after she become as Warmonger after she destroy one nation who have denouncing her and get Denouncing/Backstabed by many civilization result become as enemy of Lowee Empire which that is Denouncing AI's fault which she will refer people who do bad as 'Earn Karma' and soon she will Declare War on player who denouncing her even they have far from her), she is not forget to past offensive such as spy, denouncing or gone war, she is likely alliance and protect with city-states, she is rare to capture or bully them (except city-states was on another alliance that at war with her), she is often to build naval unit especially carrier unit and ranged unit like siege unit to defend her nation as well, though she is not often to at war with major civilization unless that civilization is not denouncing or denounced. If you at war with her, she will not make peace as long as she not get nuked by you or CBO if she never saw that she is winner. Blanec is often to taunt enemy (for player taunt, used 'Don't settle near us.' or 'Stop spy me' in discuss, etc. which likely make AI have negative modifier), sometime, she may is not hostile on player or other AI if she have a nuclear weapon and she is likely will declare of friendship even you have a nuclear weapon if is most likely AI have done.


    As Lowee Empire:

    Lowee Empire is design for human player more than AI player, best for superior advanced civilization which easy to play, but may is still hard if you play in Deity level, Lowee Empire are best for Defense against invasion of another civilization such as North Korea, Star Wars and Neutral Alliance, with large number of Unique Unit that based on novel. Lowee Empire is best for player who go to Culture Victory or Science Victory, However, Lowee Empire is not best for player who want to go Dominated Victory since most of Lowee Empire are design for defense more than offensive. If AI civ have do bad with your civilization, a button like 'You will pay' or 'Very well' will appeared, however, Lowee Empire player can't click 'Very Well' when AI civ is enemy, only is click 'You will pay', However, Community Patch have bug with this button if you click 'You will pay' chance that AI will force to declare war (To Leader have high Boldness such as North Korea and Neutral Alliance) on you and you will gain warmonger even you didn't declare war. If you capture enemy city, you will receive double Warmonger score more than any AI or another civilization in same era even enemy have large number of city, best tactic is make sure that player have capture enemy original capital before nuke another city.

    In Deity Mode, Declare War on everyone who try to signed the trade route and also capture enemy city as soon as possible, or Denouncing everyone who is warmonger, but remember, Denouncing civilization in CBO as Efreet form, the enemy will often being declare war on you because of they lack of the military unit after attempt to invade your land (if your city is not near enemy border).

    Against Lowee Empire AI:
    Player can signed the Trade Route to her empire, not even she is get denouncing by entire civilization and you (until you get Declare War by her) to raise the money and technology, also watch out your or her denouncing on you because your civilization will get 1000 Unhappy and Lose 1000 Gold per turn and your unit will become less power if she become as Goddess form of Kasami Hiiragi which your military will not powerful. Lowee Empire is often to lose on Diplomatic Victory to due City-States Allies, if player stolen City-States Allies is likely not make her angry but may will result her to angry when you go to that victory, try to gain city states and go victory before you will get owned by her. The AI is extreme hate warmonger (rate around 25) if they capture the city especially denouncing civs.

    While in Blanec Form, you will not get 1000 Unhappy and Lose 1000 Gold per turn, but her unit will become more stronger when on White Heart Form.

    Land of Space Advancement
    Main Lowee Empire Traits as All unit gain Self-Defense Force Promotion which gain 75% in your border when fight against enemy, Melee unit are gain ranged support fire much like Impi. However, real trait is gain shares per denunciation with a major civilization, Support only through Core File Extended.

    White Heart's Superior Force (Blanec form only)
    Super wrath traits for White Heart (Blanec) as powerful much like as Section 39 which gain 100% bonus strength to engage enemy as well as defend and damage on city for easy capture, all city after capture by her will not have any resistance which similar to Section 39 were kill any civilian resistance, Ignore everything such ranged unit that don't have Indirect Fire gain this promotion, Zone of Control, Can move after attacking, auto healing and also naval unit outside of border gain to auto heal as well, however, they can be kill as using nuclear weapon or Stealth Bomber on weak unit like Scout Trooper.

    White Heart's Treaty of Hiiragi (Kasami Hiiragi form only)
    Same as White Heart's Superior Force but no move change and no bonus strength but replaced with Enemy unit will reduce 1 move rate, -25 Strength and take 25 damage when outside of their border and also denounced her or get denounced by her will lose 1000 Gold per turn and 1000 Unhappy.

    Unique Unit
    Most of Blanec UU are replaced whole unit in Civilization 5 game (also God and King, and Brave New World), as the unit were based on real story on novel like GUW-era Federation Trooper above, as well as Federation Trooper may is not have image since story was a novel.

    There are various unique unit in this civilization start with Tomoyatalian Archer, Starfurotor-2, Nagato Battleship, Shinano Carrier, SPHA-T, Mammoth & Mastodon and of course, Order of Hiiragi, Bomobor-2 and deadly Titan Trooper.

    Support Mod
    Civ IV Leader Traits in Civ V:

    :c5strength: Protective and :c5citystate: Imperialistic.
    Lowee Empire is major of Defense Force and also strong as Imperialistic.

    Community Patch:
    support mod that require CP like Rise to Power, Cities in Development and Community Balance Overhaul, but watch out 'you will pay' button or it will crash the game.

    Enlightenment Era:
    Lowee Empire Enlightenment Era Unit like Yashima Battlecruiser, Post Republic Trooper and several unit will add into the game, Lowee Empire have refer this era as Post-Republic Era or Neo-Tomoyatalian Empire rising on Chiyuki.

    JFD's and Pouakai's Mercenaries:
    Support Full Function to all Lowee Empire Unit not even Hammerhead or Dolphin after contact then will allow to fly through water without embark on another civilization have contact one of these unit, some unit like Scout Trooper may can contact as well for dig artifact but also they will remove, and may there are no Titan Trooper.

    JFD's Cultural Diversity:
    Cultural Diversity of Lowee Empire was Chiyukitalian, which most of era are similar to those of Neptunia.

    JFD's Exploration Continued Expanded
    Support in initial release, Every Lowee Recon Unit will have name (most are taking from JFD's), Add Scout Ship and Astronaut if Enlightenment Era or CBO is not exist.

    Sukritact's Events and Decisions:
    E&D of Lowee Empire is now no longer update and unsupported since it have completely with weird event like unit will remove from the game or Start Section 13 which result in Resistance in your capital and take 75 damage. This will remove in next version.

    True Alternative Leaders:
    Lowee Empire is same as any 'Lowee' civilization except that Lowee Empire was another galaxy instead of Gamindustri nation if Cultural Diversity is exist.

    Restricted & Block Mod
    Randomized Unique Components, and Traits:
    Because it will broke the game with much of Lowee Unit Spam and Titan Trooper will crash the game on non-Blanec civilization have that unit and Traits may is not work for these non-Neptunia civilization, and also the gate will crash on civilization who have White Heart trait.

    Community Balance Overhaul: (No longer support for Windows 10)
    Always same as Core File, optional for Factory with new unit.

    JFD's Rise to Power: (The mod is death for now!! as 2018 since we don't have Discord)
    AI will choose Republic as standard and will likely to reform into the Federation, but rarely will choose Monarchy or Dictatorship, like to every Neptunia civs, Almost Blanec's Title are 'Lady', there are male version if you capture her original capital. Also were change civilization name from "Lowee" to "Chiyukitalian" which would adopted in Civ6.

    Large Focus on Sovereignty include with 28 Head of Government, various Title and Party such as:
    Spoiler :

    - Tribe = Histy (Male version is Founder), Chiyukitalian Nation
    - Republic = Lady (Male version is Chief of States/President), Interstellar Republic
    - Federation = Lady (Male version is Founder), Interstellar Federation
    - Monarchy = Lady (Male version is King), Chiyukitalian Empire
    - Empire = Lady (Male version is Emperor), Tomoyatalian Empire
    - City-States = Lady (Male version is Prince), Chiyukitalian Nation
    - Commonwealth = Tomoyatalian Empire
    - Theocracy/Holy Rome Empire = Lady (Male version is Pope), Celestialian Empire
    - Dictatorship = Lady (Male version is General), Lowee Empire
    Head of Government = President of the Federation (total 28)
    - Henry Kyle
    - Jennifer Davison
    - Kamasizu Tayko
    - Vladimir Alexsadier
    - Kim Hok Sung
    - Chengo Li
    - William Bordetur
    - Cameron Lavis
    - Ali-Ahmed Humsadi
    - Comlobian Aundes
    - Motaruma Gresati
    - Vesila Pergado
    - Mohamad Laza
    - Antino Fettiro
    - Vajirama Sakirit
    - Peter Venus
    - Gemaza Hoo
    - Samuel Mubrika
    - Gamatara Jones
    - Tokiv Goc
    - Mirasaka Hinamura
    - Vawa'kll Gisu
    - Jason Michael
    - Lando David
    - Katsura Hiiragi
    - Katsumi Hiiragi
    - Kagami Hiiragi
    - Tsukasa Hiiragi
    - Nationalist Faction = Galactica Party
    - Popularist Faction = Interstellar Party
    - Revolutionary Faction = Democratica Party
    - Clergy Party = Basilicom Party (?)
    - Nobility Party = Elite Party (?)
    - Conservative = Retro Party
    - Liberal Party = Marketing Party (?)
    - Reactionary Party = Critic Party (?)
    - Socialist Party = Order Party
    - Communist Party = D.R.M. Party
    - Fascist Party = Pay-to-pay Party
    - Libertarian Party = Free-to-play Party
    - Revolutionary Party = Next-Gen Party
    - Every Ideology Party = Teikoku Party
    - Military Junta = Lowee Peace and Order Party

    JFD's Cities in Development:
    Add Sound for Factory of Lowee Empire.

    - If you want to change her name to real name, Character, see 'BlanecOption.sql'
    - Be Positive to comment
    - Require Vice Virtuoso's Neptunia Core File (and maybe must have all DLC)
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  3. BlanecWH

    BlanecWH Chieftain

    Jun 27, 2016
    Pathum Thani, Thailand
    Neutral Alliance
    Download (Steam)

    "People is alway want to be a neutral, but there are no Neutral at all, some of people will move away from neutral to enemy."
    - Blanec

    Neutral Alliance is Military Alliance found by Stargate with many alliance such as Star Trek, Babylon 5, Farscape, Lexx, to against Lowee Empire's Treaty of Hiiragi as force them to eat horse after Great Universe War is end with Federation Victory for payment although Treaty of Hiiragi also have rule that any Neutral when Lowee Empire is at war will not allow to found, any neutral who avoid the treaty will become as enemy of Lowee Empire. Neutral Alliance is became as one of Lowee Empire enemy because they are capable to against them as well. Neutral capital is Tau'ri in Stargate Galaxy known as Tarianpa which Cheyenne City is their capital city that the base was within. Neutral Alliance is lead by Jonathan J. O'Neill, a 62 year old leader who is broke anything from human rock as weapon to P90 as their standard.

    Different version of Neutral Alliance is currently work on to release for Civ 6.


    Jonathan 'Jack' O'Neill (G.C. 1952 - present) is the leader of Neutral Alliance and also main antagonist in this novel as well, as he is very often to became as Neutral more than Guarded or Hostile how the novel look, he is not trade with anyone (as in testing), but he is often to denouncing any civilization and also declare war on another civilization not even he was on Neutral which similar to how lie of Neutral likely is, he is often to Domination Victory, best for player who want to become as warmonger, he is often to capture any city-states as he see.


    Unique Unit
    Most of O'Neill UU are replaced whole unit in Civilization 5 game (also God and King, and Brave New World), as the unit were based on real story on novel like MALP, however, most of model are same as vanilla game since Blender or NexusBuddy is suck.

    Support Mod
    Civ IV Leader Traits in Civ V
    Community Patch
    Community Balance Overhaul
    Enlightenment Era
    JFD's and Pouakai's Mercenaries
    JFD's Cities in Development
    JFD's Cultural Diversity
    JFD's Rise to Power
    Sukritact's Events and Decisions
    True Alternative Leaders

    Restricted Mod
    Randomized Unique Components, and Traits

    Because it will broke the game with much of Neutral Unit and Traits may is not work for these non-Neptunia civilization.

    - Be Positive to comment
    - Require Vice Virtuoso's Neptunia Core File (and maybe must have all DLC)

    (C) 2015, Neutral Alliance and every material are part of Idea Factory, Compile Heart, Hyperdimension Neptunia: Touhou Galaxy Stories Novel.
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