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[I]A Virtuoso Performance[/I]

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Strategy & Tips' started by Alexander I, Nov 11, 2001.

  1. Alexander I

    Alexander I Chieftain

    Nov 3, 2001
    The Netherlands
    The manual says you'll have to give a virtuoso performance to survive at deity level and that it is theoretically possible to win at deity level.
    I survived at deity level, using the pope- startegy( focus on taxes and buy your techs). I was playing the Chinese against four other civs(French, Japanese, Indians and Russians) on a standard map. I suffered a humiliating defeat by space-race. Well, I didn't actually competed in the space-race, because I was technologically too far behind.
    All the civs where polite to me the entire game, the French were even gracious to me for a good part of the game, because I gave them Gems for free. They sold techs to me for a much lower price than the other civs.
    Except for a minor conflict whit the Russians, I haven't been involved in any war. When my foreign advisor says a civ is annoyed by me I give them 50 or 100 gold and their attitude changes back to polite immediately. I think when they are annoyed by you they will attack you much sooner and you don't want that to happen at deity level.
    So the year was 1500 AD and the Japanese won the game by space race. I was then a Democracy, had 15 cities and around a 150 gold coming in every turn. I could buy a tech every two turns this way.
    My biggest mistake was (I guess) building marketplaces and bank much too late. They really boost your income! Also I hadn't build enough granaries, so population kept low. At the end I had three cities whit size 14 and the rest were around 8. I got 1498 points when the game ended, which is my high score for now.
    I'm gonna start another game now, playing as the Indians (religious/commercial, must be great for the pope-startegy), trying to build those marketpklaces a lot sooner, as well as building those granaries a lot more.

    Any other Deity players whit ideas or suggestions?

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