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I am Haile Selassie, King of Kings

Discussion in 'Civ5 - Stories & Let's Plays' started by Alloran, Jul 5, 2012.

  1. Alloran

    Alloran Chieftain

    Sep 6, 2011
    ... well, maybe not the King of Kings, but most definitely the king of the salt flats.


    I'mma gonna be doing a screenshot LP of Ethiopia on King going for a cultural victory. Aside from being one of the few out there who actually enjoys culture wins as well as the diplomacy in the game, what inspired me was a couple of threads in... er... one of the forums asking about peaceful cultural victories. I'm here to show it can be done! Or at least fail hilariously trying. As a note, though. Even with 1200+ hours logged on the game (mostly vanilla, of course) I'm still not that good of a player. I'm pretty comfortable on King, but tend to get trounced on Emperor and Immortal.

    I've got the first 125 turns done, which I'll be posting up here as soon as the pics get uploaded and I get the writing and explanations and silliness done for it. If you see where I've messed up, and I can guarantee I've messed up, just leave me a note and yell at me or at least nudge me in the right direction.

    I'm making this up as I go along, so come along for the ride!
  2. Alloran

    Alloran Chieftain

    Sep 6, 2011
    I'mma try to format this with one biiig spoiler, with turns under the other spoilers. So click on the button and let's see where we're going!

    Spoiler :

    Intro, and turns 1-10
    Spoiler :

    Here's what we're doing! King, Continents Plus, Large, Standard Speed. I do have Policy Saving on, but I dunno that I'll use it. If I do, I'll make a big note of it. You also don't see quick combat checked, but as this is just screens, I dunno that it'd matter.

    And the start. Oh do I love desert starts. :twitch: Two salt, one gold, some wheat, some fish, a nearby river. This is playable, even if not perfect.

    I settle Addis Ababa place revealing a third salt.

    Here's my starting tech path. I want the Shrine, so I can get my religion up and going ASAP. I take mining next, as both the luxes around Addis Ababa are mining luxes, Then bee-line for the Oracle, still as powerful in G+K as it was in Vanilla.

    Exploring around a bit while making a scout, standard opening. Some stone, some woods, not much else at all.:mischief:

    Still wandering. Found some deer and some tundra. And some fish. Facinating. :crazyeye:

    Scout done, I head north and find some barbs. Maybe they want to make friends? Also salt #4.

    Aaaand salt 5 and 6.

    Wheat to the East along with a river. Probably a second city position with some decent production!

    First ruins finally found turn 9! They make me an archer!

    Turns 11-20
    Spoiler :

    Starting on a Shrine right after the Steele was done, sending my warrior up and my archer down to deal with the Barb camp before it causes too much trouble at me.

    One tries to sneak past, but I murder him anyway. Because spite and experience. Also, what you don't see in this shot is right under the minimap is salt number seven.

    Turn sixteen, first policy, opening Tradition. :king:

    Also turn sixteen, getting my pantheon! Took Desert Folklore, 'cause it's more faith for me, and... well... I mean really. Desert everywhere.

    Finally kill the barb camp. Also, so much salt.

    Number Eight

    With the Shrine done, I start on a worker. He's actually got stuff he can do!

    At this point I think the game is just messing with me. >.<

    Turns 21-30
    Spoiler :

    Turn 21, getting my second policy. I open Aristocracy. I know I'm gonna be going for at least the Oracle, and after that the Terracotta Army. My first city already has it's Steele, so I don't need Legalism just yet.

    Turn 23, other people are founding Pantheons.

    One also hit on turn 24 but I missed the screen.

    Also, my sticks aren't nearly pointy enough. :( But hey, haven't met another civ yet! I guess they don't want my salt!

    Is... is that a lux that ISN'T salt?! I think it is! ... I also think it's too far away to be reasonable. Stupid game mocking me. And barbs, I guess. Which I slowly kill.

    Some come up and try to attack me here, too. I take 'em out no problem and try and find where their camp is.

  3. Alloran

    Alloran Chieftain

    Sep 6, 2011
    Onward! Stuff actually happens! Maybe more salt!

    Spoiler :

    Turns 31-40
    Spoiler :

    Third policy is Legalism. I still don't need it, but I want Monarchy and Landed Elite.

    I apparently took like forty screenshots of me killing this one barb camp and I have no idea why.:ar15:

    My city as of turn 32! :king: Am on production focus because the first of three settlers is being built. Birthed? So food doesn't matter right now. Of course, my workers are farming anyway, even though it doesn't matter.

    Hey, found the camp to the south after healing up!

    Finally cleared this one, too! I'll spare you all the shots I have of my archers wearing it down. Had some ruins directly south of it, though, which gave me... a map. :twitch:

    Moving on in disgust I find some gems, which leads me to believe I'll be finding an opponent sometime soon!

    And here we are. Heya Sejong! You're gonna be my bestest friend! He's got one other city, a fair amount of gold for him to buy my salt once I get it connected, and no luxes or strategic resources for himself.

    See his borders poking out there? That completely eliminates any hope I'd had of getting those gems or that citrus. : ( Salt for me, I guess.

    Yeah, no. I'll wait for you to get writing. Seriously, though. No luxes or strats, one city and where did your gold go? What have you been doing with yourself man?

    Turns 41-50
    Spoiler :

    Still barb hunting.

    First settler about ready to pop, second city will be on the coast south of the river, so I'm standing stalwart there to fend off any other potential barb threats.

    Now he's on his way, and I build a Library because 31 turns is a bit absurd.

    Harar is down, start on a Shrine immediately. 's got a Steele now due to legalism too. Look, I'm not in dead last anymore!

    My empire kind of looks like a vomiting bunny. :lol::rolleyes: Also in dead last again. :(

    I am not smrt. :(

    Takin' Monarchy, mostly 'cause two settlers are gonna be popping out once the Library is done, so food won't be a thing for a while.

    And the barbs just don't stop coming.

    Turns 51-60
    Spoiler :

    Much more reasonable, Sejong!

    Addis Ababa and Harar as of turn 53.

    More coming soon, I am sleepy so will post some more this evening. Let me know, any and all feedback is more than welcome! I know I'm off to a slow start, but this is a Culture game, after all.
  4. Patchy

    Patchy Emperor

    Jul 5, 2012
    You should go for Petra, although most of your desert tiles do have floodplains it should help with the ones that don't. Plus i think it gives a free amphitheater and after archaeology it provides +6 culture.

    IMO the money from the Open Borders would have been a better choice. You can get more out of it than 21g, but i can't remember the exact number of the top of my head.

    Other than that, keep a good army around. I can't count the number of times i got jumped by the AI since they though i was weak.
  5. Alloran

    Alloran Chieftain

    Sep 6, 2011
    You're absolutely right on the Petra! I'd forgotten that was a thing until I was setting up my second tech path, then went for it! Army isn't #1 priority yet, as the opposing civs seem to be decently far away, but 's definitely #2. As for the money, well, since I'm trying to be peaceful and all buddy buddy with my neighbours, I know that you get a minor boost if they've got an Embassy in your capital, and I dunno if you get a boost if you've got one in theirs.


    Spoiler :

    More turns!
    Spoiler :

    Things are looking grim. :(


    I realise now I could have saved him. Oops. Well, he didn't die in vain! Except, yeah. He totally died in vain. :(

    Sometimes the randomness of the Great Prophets annoys me.

    Next Settler on her way! She's going north.


    Founding Invisible Pink Unicornism. Tithe, because money is always good, and Cathedrals, because culture.

    Mooovin' on up! :cool:

    To the advanced tech siiide.

    Settling Adwa on this hill here. Two salt, some desert for faith, some fish nearby. Also, with philosophy done, finally, I'mma finish my settler then go straight for the Oracle.

    Next tech path here. Construction for the Terracotta Army, Optics 'cause I think lighthouses will be helpful for my cities, then Currency for Petra and Theology for the Mosque.

    These boats are coming from somewhere. >.< Not that it really matters right now.

    Oh hey, found out where they're coming from. So I murder them too.

    I like not being the last one to Classical. Also Statue of Zeus built somewhere? Seems a bit late.

    He's coveting me. I'm not okay with this. But he takes full price for a lux, so there's that at least. That means to me he's probably not gonna murder me right out. I know Sejong can be... well, a pain in the ass from all the times I've played against him. He's NOT, from my experience, the type to backstab me however.

    Spoiler :

    Turn seventy city rundown!

    Annd Oracle. 22 turns is a bit long, so I see what I can do with improvements to make that better.

    I ended up buying a second worker sometime recently, but I missed a shot of it. >.< Think it was between turn 68 and 69, as that's when I'm missing money out of my bank and a worker appeared.

    Fifth policy is Landed Elite. I'm done with settlers now, so my capital can grow and grow and grow.

    Not doin' too bad on the money front. Saving it up in case I need to rush buy murder machines, and barring that for some boats once I finally get sailing.

    Lalibela here, which will be my final city. I dunno precisely what I was thinking, other than desert, some farmable land, and some production areas. This may have been a mistake. I really dunno, we'll see.

    I keep seeing pantheons founded. My only neighbour that I know of doesn't have one yet. That indicates to me that he's not caring about faith and religion in this game. This is good for me, since that means I can spread my religion to him and we'll be BFFs until at least mid Ren.

    Trying to improve the salt for a bit of extra production. Also, with the founding of Lalibela, that means I'm in sixth and not tenth!

    Oh no. I don't like this. That's a bad, bad modifier. But I'm not too worried. a) he's still decently far away, all things considered. b) I'm done building cities, so it'll wear off. c) he still doesn't care about religion, and I find the being the same religion modifier outweighs the building new cities modifier.

  6. Patchy

    Patchy Emperor

    Jul 5, 2012
    You've probably already fixed this but the level of growth and production in your cities will stop you from getting some of those wonders.

    I would have expanded less, worked on putting down farms on the river so there are more citizens to work more tiles later on. Then I would have started on placing mines and lumber camps where necessary to boost production. Which would make grabbing the wonders faster. Not to mention you don't piss off the AI this way.

    Other than that like the wonders you chose to go for are nice, your coastal cities are in defendable locations except for maybe Harar. Keep it up! :goodjob:
  7. Alloran

    Alloran Chieftain

    Sep 6, 2011
    In which things start to get interesting! For a given definition of 'interesting!'

    Spoiler :

    Other turns!
    Spoiler :

    Barb incoming from the south. :shifty:

    Worker decides that even though the barb can't get to him at all, he's still gonna stop what he's doing for a bit and look at me like it's somehow my fault.

    Bought an archer in Addis Ababa to deal with the rebel scum.

    YES. Yes. 1000x yes. I don't care that he's lying right now. I still don't know anyone else (which, this late in the game is frankly embarrassing), the modifiers aren't showing anymore. Which, of course, means he's lying and potentially plotting against me. I don't think he's gonna make a move against me, though. Just a gut instinct. And even if he does, well, I've got some money I can spend on defenses and turtle.

    Barbs! :sad: I've already got happiness problems, and you just went and made them worse!

    I get 'em murdered with a combination of the city and my archer, upgrade the archer then go off searching for the wretched hive of scum and villainy that spawned them.

    And there we go. No other religion has been founded yet, so I an get mine upgraded!

    Mosques, because Culture and Happy. Missionary Zeal was a mistake, I think. I probably should have gone with Religious Texts. Eh.

    More barbs. Nothing my city and original warrior can't handle, though!

    On to turn 100!
    Spoiler :

    Found the southern one! I make a mistake here and kill the barb in it, then forget to actually clear the camp for like 30 turns. >.<

    Oracle done! Finishing up Tradition!

    And the religion creep starts too.

    Immediately starting on the Terracotta Army.

    With sailing done, I get a Trireme going to maybe find something that isn't Korea.

    Zanzibar! Right off the coast, actually!

    Much better. And he gives me full price for the salt, too!

    I make an error here. Zanzibar wants money, so I give 'em money! And... well. They're Hostile. And I lose the influence over the course of like five turns.

    Opening Piety!

    Get my first Missionary too! Beelining straight to Seoul.

    My people don't love me. :(

    And turn 100 city rundown.

  8. Patchy

    Patchy Emperor

    Jul 5, 2012
    Actually missionary zeal is better than religious texts in your situation IMO.

    Since you only have four cities, the increased pressure would only affect a small portion of the people around you (read: Korea). With missionary zeal your missionaries become more efficient in spreading your religion which i assume will be your primary way of spreading religion.

    My only critique was that you didn't go for world church: +1 Culture for every 5 followers of this religion in other civilizations is a very big boost late game when you've spread to most cities and the cities have grown large.6
  9. Denkt

    Denkt Left Forever

    Jul 3, 2012
    Only one known civ in 100 turns seams a bit extream. It looks good to me otherwise.
  10. Alloran

    Alloran Chieftain

    Sep 6, 2011
    And as far as I've gotten as of now!

    Spoiler :

    Turns 100-something
    Spoiler :

    Running my Missionary up to Seoul to give them hugs. And to get 'em converted before the city gets too large. Oh. And someone beelined the Hanging Gardens. I'm surprised by this. :|

    New Friend! Salt for Ivory to get my happiness under control, and Embassy to make them more friendly.

    Their capital is right around the corner. Also notice they've not founded a pantheon either, so they're gonna be following the Invisible Pink Unicorn as well!

    And Seoul follows my religion too!

    Getting roads built.

    Karakorum too!

    Singapore! Another mercantile.

    Remember I said I'd forgotten about the barb camp down south? Yeah. >.< But hey! Terracotta Army! Petra is next!

    Zanzibar ended up as my religion as well, so that's pretty cool. Also, notice I'm in second now!

    And Sidon. All three of 'em are right off the coast, so that's helpful!

    A second and third, and fourth religion were founded within three turns of each other.

    And to the end.
    Spoiler :

    Oh. Rakmahrrrrng. How... nice. Wine for salt for happiness.

    Over there, and also no pantheon. But... well. I don't particularly trust Rakmahrrrrrng.

    Finally kill that barb camp that I'd forgotten about.

    Starting to buy Cathedrals now too.

    I... I didn't even think of trying for the Great Library. And it goes turn 119. What?


    And we end with me opening Organized Religion to finally fix my happy problem. Also you were right. I was two turns away from the Petra. KHAAAAAAAAN!

    That's as far as I am now. Will probably play some more tonight unless I get distracted by my Sweden game!

    EDIT: The reason I didn't take World Church is because I've already got 1600+ faith going out in Cathedrals and Mosques right now, so I won't have as much to spend on missionaries. It was a choice, though, so it may come back and bite me.
  11. Patchy

    Patchy Emperor

    Jul 5, 2012
    See if you can do an Lp of that Sweden game after you finish, at first i thought that they would be useless (Giving away GP to CS sounds horrible) but now not so much after I read a few threads on them. So now i'm curious about how they would work.
  12. Alloran

    Alloran Chieftain

    Sep 6, 2011
    Short update. Khan declared on me. This is my surprised face. :I I'm fending him off well enough. I'mma update once I get to ~turn 250 or so.
  13. Alloran

    Alloran Chieftain

    Sep 6, 2011
    Moving on then!

    Spoiler :

    Here we are, then.
    Spoiler :

    Turn 126, starting on the NC. Figure it's something I'm gonna need.

    Finish Theology, enter Medieval! :king:

    Next tech path. Metal Casting for Workshops, then Education for Universities.

    Yup! Got it comin' out my ears, so take it away!

    Ampitheatres going in Adwa and Lalibela

    Genghis is still neutral and coveting me. I'm working on getting him converted so he doesn't end up hating and declaring on me.

    Cathedrals in all cities now, so I've got it set up to auto-purchase mosques.

    Sidon wants my religion. For right now, I figure it'll take hold there eventually. Also, Genghis traded away his other Ivory, which is bad news for me. Not just due to happiness, but it means he doesn't really wanna deal with me. Bad signs, even if he does give me full price for it. I'd make a 'Winter is Coming' joke but I'm in the middle of the desert and those are a bit overdone anyway.

    I have no idea where that barb came from. There's no camp over there.

    He takes my worker, then I kill him and take it back in the same turn. Good job there, Mr. Barb. :rolleyes: Also next Policy. This one ends up with Mandate of Heaven. I can't use it *now* but I will!

    Turns 140-150

    Spoiler :

    Oh look, Iron! Which I have literally no use for. I guess swordsmen, even though they're a far cry from spearmen anymore. It probably shows my level as a player that right now, writing this up, I get the idea 'oh hey, I have a crap ton of it, why don't I sell it? :crazyeye:

    First Great Artist! He's settled on the hill north of the city. I suck when it comes to placing great monuments. Just hands down. Eh.

    Buying a lighthouse in Addis Ababa so it can get a bit more food. Because it needs to grooow. Also started on the Great Mosque. Which... I realise now is kind of silly, as I've already got a Mosque in the capital. But it doesn't matter too much anyway.

    Woo BFFs!

    Judaism enhanced, don't really know what it is they're doing with it.

    Bought a Trireme 'cause my other one got trapped between two barbs and didn't make it out okay. :(

    Turn 149 unlocked Reformation. Right now, and for the forseeable future, it'll only help with my capital. But 's a start!

    And Korea finished the Great Wall. That's.... great I guess.

    I've only got the Oracle and Terracotta Army. Sejong has the Library, the Lighthouse (I think) and the Wall. Genghis has Petra and Rakmahrrrrrng has the Hanging Gardens. Ya know, 'cause he needs it.

  14. Alloran

    Alloran Chieftain

    Sep 6, 2011
    In which Genghis Khan is a jackass!

    Spoiler :

    Turns 151-160ish

    Spoiler :

    City Rundown!

    And I'm officially out of Mosques! That... was a really fast 1600 Faith.

    Buying a Workshop in Addis Ababa to churn stuff out a bit faster

    Someone founds Tengrilism someplace. No one I know.

    I see you, Austria. I don't know you yet, but I see you! Her being on the board is a bit worrying, as every time she's been an opponent she tends to EAT the cultural CSes, which I'mma need to meet soon. Omnomnom etc.

    Open Borders from Sejong so my boat can explore north.

    Getting some Missionaries out to go convert Turfan and maybe Sidon, since Invisible Pink Unicornism still hasn't spread down there.

    Still having happiness issues. Citrus for Salt from Sejong.

    I find some things up north, and open up Religious Tolerance as my next policy.

    And further turns!
    Spoiler :

    Also, someone founds Shinto somewhere. They're gonna be happy people. Still no one I know.

    Hinduism enhanced. Interfaith Dialogue is excellent, but I'm really not too fond of reliquary.

    Got the Mosque done! Also finally get Turfan converted. Starting on the Hagia Sofia, but I'm not really holding my breath for it.

    Got Busan converted. More people following my religion is more money for me!

    Oh look! A friendly Cultural CS north of Korea! No quests, and I can't afford 'em yet, but I'll remember they're there, as we're gonna be good friends!

    He ran out of money to buy my Salt, so I got him for some GPT

    And my BFF wants to let me copy his notes! Awesome!

    Next tech path. Acoustics, Astronomy, Economics.

    Maybe I shouldn't have let him copy my notes. Mulu goes right into Seoul to see what it is they're doing.

    There you are Maria. She wants salt, and we do Embassies too.

    Ah, she's the Jewish lady! Okay. ... Still converted Bregenz though. And she didn't seem to care.

    She predictably beats me to the HS, and I meet a second Cultural CS! This one's irrational, but not friends with anyone yet.

    I figure it's about time to start buffing up my anemic military, and a turn later Bucharest wants money! A quick 500 gold and they're my Ally! At least for a bit.

    And then this happens. This is my surprised face. :I (Protip: I don't have a surprised face.)

    Unfortunately now I can't do the 100% peaceful culture game I was attempting, I'mma still follow this through to the end to show it can be done while turtling and playing defensively. Or not, who knows. I might end up conquered by turn 300 or something!

  15. Alloran

    Alloran Chieftain

    Sep 6, 2011
    In which Khan ruins my good time!

    Spoiler :

    Other turns

    Spoiler :

    ... Jackass

    But hey, there's this!

    I sell Rakmahrrrrrng my gold for some... er.... gold so I can buy defenses. Remember, this is RIGHT AFTER I dropped 500g on Bucharest.

    WOR! Also next policy. I finish up Peity.

    Next turn! Before and After! Also, second Great Artist goes south of Harar. And I meet Vatican City as well!

    ... Sad. But I'm not at all down for the count yet.

    Ending of the next turn!

    City Rundown 175

    Converting Monaco, so when we're actually friends it won't degrade as quickly.


    Christianity enhanced. Still don't know whom.

    Seriously, guy. Leave me alone.

    Finally goin' to get Sidon converted. They asked for it like 1000 years ago. You'd think if they wanted it that badly they could come get it themselves. :p


    Spoiler :

    Also, this is problematic as he only has three cities and I've got four. So my UA is useless here. TBH I fully expected him to go for Korea first.

    Wine for Salt. Happiness is more important than money to me right now. Those screenshots up there notwithstanding, I'm still holding my city at almost 100% HP and building walls. If he'd *really* wanted it, he'd have taken it by now and I'm winning the war of attrition.


    Yeah, that's right. Run your giant army away from my bowmen! Also, building walls.

    And that's Acoustics! 's weird for me, 'cause I usually go Astronomy to unlock the Ren, this time I went Acoustics so I'd have a better shot at getting the Sistine Chapel.

    's right. Run away with your tail between your legs.

  16. Alloran

    Alloran Chieftain

    Sep 6, 2011
    And it all come tumbling down. Except not really? I dunno.

    Spoiler :

    Turn something to turn something
    Spoiler :

    No peace, though.

    Sometime during the war Bucharest fell down to 'Friends' so I bought 'em back up once I made sure I didn't need more defenses.

    They're gone, and I steal Physics from Sejong. He... he doesn't like it too much. :( Oops. Still forgives me, though.

    So Mulu goes to Vienna. Lucky man, I hear the ladies there are nice.

    En Route to Siam my prophet and missionary ended up holed up in Sidon. :(

    Oh look. She's plotting against Genghis. That's terrible. I'll warn him right away! :I (I won't actually warn him)

    Also opened up Patronage so I can start on befriending the delicious cultural CSes.

    Other turns as well!

    Spoiler :

    I don't need his open borders anymore, so I get 50 gold out of him instead.

    Still no peace? You're a crazy man and you should go annoy Marie or something.

    Yes... more precious happiness.

    Another one? I buy a Trireme and send it off to rescue my guys from Sidon's island and follow this guy along behind to convert Siam.

    Sejong keeps expanding. This... oh dear this won't end well. And Genghis is sending a lone catapult at me. Seriously guy?

    Hello Ghandi! I get money for more salt and an embassy. He's across the ocean on another continent I think. Also, he's the one who founded Hinduism.

    I buy up Sidon the rest of the way to help flesh out my military and for the happiness. It's hostile, but my income just keeps going up as the game goes on.

    Working on the Sistine in Addis Ababa and Notre Dame in Harar. Also, RA is done!

    And then this happens and I hate everyone. Seriously, this was pretty out of the blue and unexpected.

    Try to refresh my Salt deal to Maria, and she's not having any of it. I get it for 209 though. And I missed a worthwhile ss of it, so my apologize. Also, I stole Guilds from Maria sometime before Sejong declared. She didn't notice, it seems. She didn't yell at me, at least. Silly disappearing Screenshots.

    And he's got a musketman. Hasn't come into my territory yet, though.

    Final SS, where I am now.

    So. Sejong has completely messed up my idea for a peaceful playthrough. But right now he's got more cities than me, so I'm confident in my ability to hold him off. I'm still going slowly, but I know I can get a win on this pretty comfortably, barring EVERYONE DECLARING on me. So I'mma keep at it! Hope you're enjoying!

    City update as of turn 200

  17. strijder20

    strijder20 Wallowing in irony

    Jun 28, 2010
    In Dystopia
    Nice story, I'm sure you can keep off Sejong but I hope it won't distract you too much from culture.
  18. Alloran

    Alloran Chieftain

    Sep 6, 2011
    I'm still planning on continuing this, but I've got a question for those of you who are choosing to read it. I've recently learned how to do video LPs of games, and I was wondering if you'd prefer me to continue in the SS format, or if you'd prefer a Youtube video format with commentary? If no one cares, I'm probably gonna do it on Youtube, but let me know! Thank you!
  19. filli_noctus

    filli_noctus Hmmn

    Nov 22, 2010
    Well I ignore VidLPs so I say continue like this, I'm enjoying it and would hate to see it shift to a format I don't care for.
  20. hpahbp

    hpahbp Chieftain

    Dec 8, 2011
    Well, I prefer this SS format.
    My connection is too slow to view VidLP.

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