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I am new here. The game of Democracy (DEMOGAME) sounds fun. What do I do ?

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Game of Democracy IV' started by Rik Meleet, Jun 16, 2004.

  1. Rik Meleet

    Rik Meleet Top predator Retired Moderator

    Apr 11, 2003
    Nijmegen Netherlands
    First of all: Welcome to the Game of Democracy. Also called Demogame or even DG.

    What is the Demogame ?
    The Demogame is, simply put, a Vanillla Civilization 3 game, in which the citizens play 1 single game. We try to run a government the best we can, while trying to win the Civilization game.

    So we all play?
    Yes and no. Yes - We all try to make the game as good and as fun as possible. No - Only 1 person actually plays the turns.

    So there is only 1 player who does things the way he / she likes?
    No. There are advisors who post instructions the actual player (Designated Player or DP. This is usually the President.) has to follow. We have a Minister of Defense for instance. Also a minister for Trades and a Minister for Finance and several more.

    And how do these people become a minister or DP ?
    Every month we hold elections. Any registered citizen can nominate registered citizens for the job and if the nominee accepts, you can vote for him/her. The winner of the election hold that office the next month.

    Registered citizen ??? - I registered for the forum, so that includes me?
    Nearly. The extra thing you have to do is register in the "citizen registry" and you are a citizen of our nation.

    What does that mean ? Are there rules ?
    What that means and what the rules are, you can read in the "3 books". The 3 books are in the link.

    Sounds cool !! Can I join immediately ??
    Yes and no. We have just finished the 4th DG. We are holding discussions. on what we want in the upcoming 5th. You can join those discussions. Just go to the Citizen's Section to join the debates.

    I see "Civ3 - Demo Game IV: Citizens", but there is also "Civ3 - Demo Game IV: Government" and "Civ3 - Demo Game IV: Polls" and "Civ3 - Multi-site Demo Game " - What are those ???
    "Civ3 - Multi-site Demo Game" - I'm not going to explain that here.
    "Civ3 - Demo Game IV: Government" - This is where the elected officials have their threads. It is where they display the situation in their department and their plans. Also citizens can ask question and complain and request things from the Elected Officials.
    "Civ3 - Demo Game IV: Polls" - When a discussion is held (for instance: do we make peace with Nation XXX?) a poll is created to allow citizens to vote for it. The result of the vote will be made into an instruction. The DP will have to act according to the "Will of the people"

    And what if the DP or anyone else does not play according to the rules ?
    The Judiciary steps in. Think of it as lawyers and judges. Another task is to check if the rules are ok.

    How can I become part of the Judiciary ?
    There are also nominated and elected for.

    OK thanks. Now something else: I see words like "chat" and "turnchat" etc. What do they mean?
    The DP plays the turns. But he / she does that publicly, anyone can attend. It is done during a scheduled chat-session on IRC. At the bottom of each page on the forum, there is a small button called "chat room". The session is held in a room (currently #turnchat). If you need help with that, just ask the DG veterans.
  2. Rik Meleet

    Rik Meleet Top predator Retired Moderator

    Apr 11, 2003
    Nijmegen Netherlands
    Since we are in between DG4 and DG5 and the registration-thread is closed, I want this thread on top of the list.

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