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I am so stupid


Jan 7, 2006
I was playing as Gilgamesh, marathon speed, monarch. Don't remember map type, but it had 3 continents. My continent was filled with peace and harmony until infantry was around. THen things got crazy. Victoria was the score leader, and in the middle of all the other civs on the continent. She declared war on Joao, who I had a defensive pact in.

I wasn't really ready for a war, but after she was worked over by Joao, Russia, and Justiniian, my few tanks were enough to take several of her cities. I kept going until she capitulated to me, then I gave back all her cities. Now in war mode I captured Justinians cities and wiped him out. Catherine was my next target, but because her power was so high from all the destroyers floating around, I couldn't vassalize her until she had been wiped off the continent with only her useless isle cities near the 3rd continent.

After that I consolidated, moved in to vassal the Dutch, who had a little empire of 5 cities. I took one cities and he capitulated. Next was Joao, I took 3 cities, and he capitulated. That was if for my continent, I had total control. Time for some overseas action.

At this point inthe game, there is Isabella, Charlemagne, and Suleimna who's Charlemagne vassal. They are all wayyyy behind me in tech. Isabella is alone on her continent, save a russian city from a russian attack earlier. So I build up some transports, fill them up with all my modern armors, and mobile artillery, and the like, go to attack spain. Just after declaring war, and about to take my first 2 cities when the UN Diplomatic Victory pops up. I was tired, so I thought, I wonder if I can win... turns out I could, diplo victory.

That was the stupid thing I did. With a diplo victory, my score was about 78000, and was my best of all time so far. Not so bad you're thinking, but here's the twist. I decided to see what happened if I got Isabella to capitulate. I reloaded the auto save, got her to capitulate and the score for winning that turn was 86000. Unfortunaetly, she didn't have enough land, so I needed to vassalize Charlemagne. To do that I have to obliterate the Ottomans, as it looked like they had one of the unbreakable vassal state thingies going.

Took about 20 turns or so, to take out the ottomans, and get enough of CHarlemagne to get h im to capitulate. Domiinion ( or possobily Conquset, not sure which it is when you vassalize everyone. My score was about 86000 again. Global warming killed off a little of thepopulation i think.

Anyway to sum up, idle, unthinking curiosity cost my 8000 points from my highest score.

Needless to say, I finished it up so what I consider my real score is recorded with the others.
I've done way stupider things. Like being the only one to follow my religion while everyone else was united with the Apostolic Palace, and I chose to build peacefully that game. I had second strongest army with rifles and spent the whole game with a 4-5 vs 1. I lived but I gave up in the end since my large tech lead was lost since I was forced to face stack, after stack, after stack...
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