I can't control Americans


Aug 22, 2007
I started a game as England with the intent of taking control of America when they spawned and trying that UHV. In 1733 Americans spawn, but no message "A new civ is being born, would you like to take control of the Americans?" etc...

America spawned, and I got the message that some of my colonies wanted to flip to them... but no option to take over.

Is that normal? I thought I saw the option to take control of them in previous games I played? Is it because I am England? Because I have cities that want to flip? Any ideas?



PS: I never took control of another civ. I started as England and was England in 1733.
I had the same "problem" with France, when my roman cities wanted to flip and become french cities. You just have to wait one or two turns until one city has flipped and become american. You can't control an empire that doesn't exist! The reason that it doesn't exist is that the units are dropped at a programmed tile. If you don't have open borders you can't come there, as you know. So the empire doesn't exist and you can't control it.

Just wait a few turns.;)
Cool.... thanks!


PS: I waited one or two turns, but I guess it was not enough.....
Are you sure you didnt click it away when it came up?, you should remember it always comes after the congress message so maybe you clicked it away with out noticing.
One time I noticed I didn't get the option to control the Ameriucan, I reloaded to have alook why - it seems they were destroyed in the first turn by some dogpeoples that were by their start location. For some reason, in RF, spawning civs like America and Portugal often send move their settlers away from their stack of guarding troops. If any barbarians or what not happen to be around, they attack the settlers, destroying the civ, which will then respawn a turn or so later, with a new set of units (typically not as good as the first set, it seems).

Cheers, Luke
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