I have Buyers Remorse!


Deviant Mind
Feb 24, 2006
Now, I've been playing civ since civ1's 10 mb was half of my hard drive. It was that and dosshell, nothing else on my pc.

And now, here am i, immensely dissatisfied with 5. The main problem is the graphics and the lack of options on it.

I have to run the game in the strategic map, and if i switch to normal view, the game crashes.

There's no "single unit graphics" option, no "fast move" option, nothing to cut down on load times at all.

cripes, on a small map with 4 other players ni the BCs, it's almost 30-45 seconds btwn turns!!

am i stoopid and missing something obvious to help out?

My computer's only about 10 months old at max, so wtf?!? :confused:


Sep 26, 2010
Your computer is very base-level. If you were to post your system specifications, it would more than likely not meet the minimum specifications required by Civilization V. That said, even my 1-year-old crappy laptop with an integrated Intel Express chip can run the normal view without crashing, so you must have something truly atrocious, or at least badly-configured.

My main desktop is over 2 years old and it can run the game just fine with all of the settings on high; computer age is largely irrelevant (unless it's really old) because the hardware is what makes all the difference.
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