I have few questions.


Jul 15, 2014
Ok so I have been getting back into Orbis, cause honestly it's one of my favorite FFH mods, but a few things are bothering me and I am wondering how i can turn them off.

1. How do I disable range attacks? I heard that that is what causes a lot of OOS issues with online which I would love to fix.

2. With the infernal how do I make it like the base game or rather every other FFH mod where they spawn at a random location. In my game just now they spawned and took one of my cities. Like they did not use that ability, they just spawn their capital on my city. My guess is it something that orbis does, but anyone know how to change that?

Other then that I really wish this mod was still being updated. I love the high medieval theme and a lot of the other changes like pike units, espionage, etc.
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